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Degree Pathway for Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering - Health Systems Concentration

Degree Pathway for the Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering

Students must satisfy the following doctoral core requirement:
Core Courses (4 three-credit courses)
Course #Course NameCr.
IENG.5010Advanced Deterministic Modeling & Analysis3
IENG.5020Advanced Stochastic Modeling & Analysis3
IENG.5050Industrial Automation3
BMEN.5310Occupational Biomechanics3

Six (6) courses from the following area of concentration. See below.

Doctoral Dissertation

Course #Course nameCredits
Doctoral Dissertation/Industrial Engineering3
IENG.7560Doctoral Dissertation/Industrial Engineering3
IENG.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Industrial Engineering3

Health Systems Engineering Concentration Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
IENG.5040Manufacturing Systems3
IENG.5030Advanced Manufacturing Processes3
IENG.5070Facilities Planning & Material Handling3
IENG.5080Advanced Human-Machine Systems Design3
IENG.5090Directed Study1-3
IENG.7510Advanced Projects in Industrial Engineering3
PUBH.5021Health Policy and Management3
PUBH.5060Quantitative Methods in Health Management3
PUBH.5110Health Care Finance3
PUBH.5120Operations Analysis for Quality Improvement3
PUBH.5140Healthcare Management3