Granting Access to SiS Account

The UShare Guest Access is an online tool that allows students to share FERPA-protected information with parents and guests. UMass Lowell recognizes that parents, guardians, spouses, and others are important to students. We provide the opportunity for these important individuals to support and be involved in students' college journey. Students will have the choice to share some or all of their FERPA-protected information.

To authorize guest access, you will need to log in to SiS Student Center and click on the Grant Additional Access link. From here you will add in guest information and determine the access you would like to grant. A welcome email will then be sent to your guest via the email address you enter. This will include the User ID but you will need to provide the password the that you created directly to your guest. Once your guest has the username and password, they can log in using the UShare Guests login page provided in the welcome email.

Guest Login

Information for UShare Guests: