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Apply for Transfer Credit

UMass Lowell welcomes transfer students. There are a few steps to make sure that your credits are accepted and applied to your bachelor's degree. Credits are generally accepted hour-for-hour semester-based courses from accredited institutions if you have earned a C- or better. Transfer credits need to be presented at the time of admission to the Undergraduate Admissions Office via an official transcript from your previous institutions. Credits accepted may not apply to your specific program requirements. The transfer dictionary lists courses from other institutions and the UMass Lowell equivalency.

Visit the UMass Lowell Online Academic Catalog for complete information about transfer credits.

Earning Credits at Other Campuses

If you want to earn credits at another institution, you must obtain permission from the department chair of your major in advance of taking courses from another institution. You should review the Transfer Dictionary to determine if the course you want to take has already been reviewed by the respective academic department.

If the course has not been previously reviewed, a course description may be required. The Authorization for Off-Campus Courses must be filled out prior to taking the course and approved by the Department Chair. Please also refer to the Residency Requirement in the UMass Lowell Online Academic Catalog.