Residential Engagement Points

Engage with your community and you could win big!

Connecting with your residential community is an essential part of college life. What if you could earn points to bid on cool stuff at the end of the semester, just by reading something or going to an event in your hall? This year, YOU CAN!

Interacting with staff, reading bulletin boards and emails, and going to events in your area will earn you Residential Engagement Points, or R.E.P.s. To gain points from engagement, you will scan a QR code that will lead you to a brief survey. Answer the questions and you’ll gain R.E.P.s towards a silent auction at the end of the semester where you can bid on items such as Chromebooks, Airpods, River Hawk apparel, Bookstore gift cards, River Hawk dollars, and more!

Where You Can Gain Points

  • Read newsletters emailed by staff: 50 points
  • Read monthly posted bulletin boards: 50 points
  • Participate in a floor community meeting: 100 points
  • Participate in an event in your hall: 100 points
  • Participate in campus partner events: 50-100 points
  • Participate in Hawk Talks with your RA: 150 points
  • Participate in rare events: 200 points

How to Participate

  1. Scan a QR code at participating:
    • events
    • bulletin boards
    • newsletters
  2. Complete a brief survey that will be emailed to your UML email
  3. Automatically collect points from the survey completion
  4. Check for the logo below for eligible activities

How To Keep Track of Your Points

  • For Bulletin Boards: Check the bulletin board for its associated QR code
  • For Door Decorations: Check in with your RA for the QR code
  • For Events: Check in with the event coordinator for the QR code

To check your points, visit our Residential Engagement Points website and check out the leader board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What if I do not have a phone?
  2. Can I combine my points or transfer them to someone else?
    • No. Points cannot be combined or transferred to others.
  3. If I fill out the survey incorrectly, do I still receive points?
    • No. Surveys must have complete answers and be relevant to the question asked. Incomplete responses will be deleted.
  4. Do points transfer to the next semester?
    • No. Points do not transfer to the next semester or academic year.
  5. What happens if I receive an error for the QR code?
    • If you receive an error, check the top of the QR code to see when that survey is set to be active. If it is within the timespan and you still have an error, please email: for assistance.
  6. What if my RA is not around?
  7. Do I have to be a current UMass Lowell (UML) residential student to participate?
    • Yes. You must be a current UML residential student to participate.

More questions?

If you have questions, contact: