Merging Science with Technology: Research Programs Brochure (pdf)

Astronomy & Astrophysics
(Chakrabarti, Cohen, Cook, Laycock)

Development of rocket-based instruments to study the structure of galaxies and interstellar media; investigation of atmospheres and environments of planets and exoplanets; neutron stars and black holes in X-ray binaries, pulsars, multi-wavelength astronomy, time-domain astrophysics;

Biomedical Terahertz Technologies

Development of terahertz imaging systems with an emphasis on biomedical imaging applications and interactions of terahertz radiation with biological systems.


Development of optical technologies for biological and medical applications, as well as experimental and analytical methods for biological tissue characterization.

Medical Physics
(Ngwa, Sajo)

Medical imaging, diagnostics and therapeutics with nanoparticles, fundamental interactions between radiation and biological matter, aerosol transport.

Multiscale Electromagnetics and Photonics
(Podolskiy. Qian, Guo)

Development of computational and analytical methods to understand optical properties of nanocomposites, metamaterials, plasmonic nano- and microstructures, and microresonators. Design and fabrication technology for innovative semiconductor-based photonic and nanoelectronic device technologies.

Nanoscience and Technology

Investigation of properties of nanoscience materials and mesoscopic systems for potential applications with an intense femtosecond pulsed laser system and instruments for sample fabrication and measurements.

Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics
(Bender, Chowdhury, Lister, Rogers)

Structure and decay of nuclei far from stability; experiments at national (and international) accelerator facilities; advanced detector development on campus (Radiation Laboratory: 1MW reactor and 5MV Van de Graaff accelerator) with applications in nuclear energy, medical physics and materials science.

Optics and Advanced Materials

Integrated optics, optical spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, dielectric behavior of materials, electronic transport phenomena in solids, electronic and optical phenomena in polymeric and biomolecular systems, nanoscale materials, novel polymeric materials.

Quantum Information

Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Detection, Mesoscopic Physics

Radiological Health Physics
(French, Jandel, Tries)

Radiation dosimetry, medical isotopes, reactor health physics, radiation mitigating drugs.

Soft Condensed Matter

Theory and computation in Soft Matter and Dynamic Systems, with applications in polymers, interfacial phenomena of electrolytes, and biological ensembles.

Space Science

Observation, theoretical modeling, and numerical simulation of the plasma processes in the space weather and solar system.

Submillimeter-Wave Technology

Development of terahertz transmitter and receiver technologies, design and characterization of material dielectric properties with microwave through IR spectrometers, CO2 and far-IR laser magneto-spectroscopy, and sub-millimeter wave compact ranges for electromagnetic scattering studies.

Theoretical Cosmology
Inflation, Dark energy, Quantum field theory in curved spacetime, Large-scale structure, Cosmic microwave background.