The Experimental Nuclear Physics Group at UMass Lowell has vibrant federally-funded research programs in both "fundamental" and "applied" arenas.

 The "fundamental" science program focuses on key questions in current nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics, with experiments carried out at national (and international) heavy-ion accelerator facilities. 

The "applied" research combines advanced detector development projects with applications in diverse fields including nuclear energy, medical physics and materials science, built on strong collaborations with national laboratories and industry partners. 

Graduate and undergraduate students get trained at the Radiation Laboratory on campus with hands-on instrumentation projects, as well as at world-class research facilities at Argonne or Los Alamos National Laboratory, or the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University. 

The group currently consists of four faculty members, with typically two post-docs, about 6 graduate students, and 6-8 undergraduates.