• PICTURE-C team

    UML Researchers Successfully Launch Planet-Finding Telescope

    After two earlier attempts were canceled due to high winds, UMass Lowell researchers successfully launched a planet-finding telescope, called PICTURE-C, to the edge of the atmosphere from a NASA balloon facility in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.
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  • Dean Melikechi and his postdoc in the lab

    Sciences Dean’s Research Uses Lasers to Help Diagnose Serious Illnesses

    Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the Kennedy College of Sciences and professor in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics, is helping to advance the use of laser technology to diagnose serious illnesses, ranging from cancers and COVID-19 to Gulf War illness.
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  • Archana Kamal writes on a whiteboard

    Into the Quantum Realm: Harnessing the Power of Uncertainty

    Quantum physicists and computer scientists have begun to harness the power of quantum computing, which has the potential to reshape computing as we know it. Asst. Prof. of Physics Archana Kamal is leading UML’s quantum research efforts.
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  • Nishant Agarwal

    Understanding the Origins of the Universe

    With support from a $360,000 Department of Energy Grant, Asst. Profs. Nishant Agarwal and Archana Kamal are investigating the role of quantum fluctuations in the evolution of the universe.
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  • James Heiss

    Students, Faculty ‘Spring into Science’

    The Kennedy College of Sciences hosted its fourth annual “Spring into Science” showcase, featuring educational and social events to highlight the importance of the field.
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  • SPACE HAUC satellite deployed into Earth orbit

    UML-built Satellite Is Now Orbiting the Earth

    SPACE HAUC – UMass Lowell’s first satellite – was successfully released into Earth orbit from the International Space Station on Oct. 12.
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  • SPACE HAUC shown in Earth orbit

    UML Satellite Set to Blast Off into Space on Aug. 28

    If everything goes according to plan, SPACE HAUC, UMass Lowell’s first satellite, will launch into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday, Aug. 28, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
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  • SPACE HAUC in its stowed configuration

    UML Satellite a Step Closer to Launch

    SPACE HAUC, UMass Lowell’s first satellite, recently passed a critical test that cleared the way for its upcoming launch into Earth orbit. The satellite was designed and built by more than 100 students from the Kennedy College of Sciences and the Francis College of Engineering over the course of five years.
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  • Assoc. Clinical Prof. of Education Sumudu Lewis directs the UTeach program at UMass Lowell

    UTeach Turns STEM Majors into Sought-After Teachers

    The UTeach program, which turns science, math and engineering majors into classroom teachers, is now in its 10th year at UMass Lowell. Graduates are in great demand at local high schools, and one was named a finalist for Massachusetts STEM Teacher of the Year.
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  • Sciences Dean Noureddine Melikechi

    Sciences Dean Will Help NASA Rover Explore Mars

    Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the Kennedy College of Sciences and a professor in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics, is part of the science team for SuperCam, one of the main instruments onboard Perseverance that will be conducting experiments on the surface of Mars.
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  • UML physics major Anne Souza teaches an online lab to science teachers in Haiti

    New Honors Class Inspires Renewable Energy Research

    A new honors seminar that helps students think critically about different sources of energy is inspiring research involving renewables, including projects at UMass Lowell’s Haiti Development Studies Center.
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  • Physics majors Michele Woodland, left, and Shanice Kelly work at the new Schueller Astronomical Observatory.

    Honors Students Set Sights on the Stars

    Michele Woodland and Shanice Kelly do almost everything together: They’re both in the Honors College and they both do renewable energy research with Physics Prof. Robert Giles. They both work at the new telescope on South Campus – and they’re president and vice president of the UML Astronomy Club.
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  • UMass Lowell Education Assoc. Prof. Phitsamay Uy

    Education Faculty Prepare Teachers for Multilingual Students

    UML’s education faculty prepare future teachers for classrooms with multilingual students. The inclusive teaching methods they impart benefit all students, including those with learning disabilities.
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  • Hubble Space Telescope photo of Mars

    Sciences Dean Takes Part in NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission

    Noureddine Melikechi, dean of the Kennedy College of Sciences and a physics professor, is a member of the science team for SuperCam, one of the main instruments onboard NASA's Mars 2020 "Perseverance" rover.
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  • For those about to dance....Between learning and performing international folk dances, a portion of those in class salute one another. Via Zoom, of course.

    International Folk Dance Club Steps to Zoom

    If it's Tuesday, junior Physics major Sarah Bustin must be sending a flurry of emails and prepping for Folk Dance Club's Zoom class.
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  • Chemistry Assoc. Prof. Matthew Gage

    University Awards Seed Grants for COVID-19 Research

    With the help of seed funding from the Office of Research and Innovation, faculty researchers from the Kennedy College of Sciences and the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences will conduct studies designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Mars 2020 rover

    UMass Lowell Reaches for the Stars in 2020

    From exploring the solar system and searching for habitable planets around nearby stars to zapping the Martian surface with a laser, our faculty and student researchers are working to gain a better understanding of the cosmic neighborhood in which we live.
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  • photo of the solar system

    UMass Lowell to Open New Observatory

    Students at UMass Lowell and the public will able to view close-up images of our solar system when a new observatory opens this fall due to a generous donation, the university said.
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  • UML Observatory team

    A New Astronomical Observatory Rises on South Campus

    Students will get a chance to embark on a visual tour of our solar system and beyond when a new astronomical observatory opens on South Campus this fall.
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  • DSX satellite

    SpaceX Launches UML-built Instrument to Study ‘Killer Electrons’ in Space

    To help understand how killer electrons are generated and, consequently, how they can be mitigated, the Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a three-year contract to a team of UMass Lowell researchers led by Physics Prof. Paul Song to support the Air Force’s DSX mission to the Earth’s radiation belts.
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  • Guest speakers

    University Celebrates the Legacy of JFK and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    Nearly 200 high school students along with dozens of UMass Lowell students, faculty and staff and the public attended the recent “Moonshot” symposium organized by UMass Lowell and the JFK Library Foundation to commemorate this year’s 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 lunar landing mission.
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  • Tyler Iorizzo and Assoc. Prof. Anna Yaroslavsky in the lab

    Physics Grad Student Wins Award for Skin Cancer Research

    Tyler Iorizzo has won international recognition for his contribution in developing an imaging device that could lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of certain skin cancers.
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  • Metamaterial interacting with light

    Scientists Design New Material to Harness the Power of Light

    A team of researchers from UMass Lowell, King’s College London, Paris Diderot University and the University of Hartford in Connecticut has created a new class of metamaterial that can be “tuned” to change the color of light.
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  • GPS satellite

    Researchers Work to Improve GPS Navigation, Earth Monitoring

    A team of researchers from UMass Lowell and the Goddard Space Flight Center has received a two-year, $1.2 million grant from NASA to develop an instrument that would significantly improve the accuracy of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.
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  • UMass Lowell physics professor Archana Kamal stands in her office in front of a whiteboard covered with formulas and notes.

    UMass Lowell Professor Recognized for Innovation

    UMass Lowell physics professor Archana Kamal was recently named to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's list of 35 Innovators Under 35.
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  • Archana Kamal

    Archana Kamal Named to MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 List

    UMass Lowell Physics Assistant Prof. Archana Kamal has been named to MIT Technology Review’s prestigious annual list of Innovators Under 35 in the "visionaries" category because her research is solving a critical issue in quantum computing. 
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  • 2018 Tripathy Lecture1

    Nobel Prize Winner Sheds Light on the Future of LEDs

    Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura was on campus recently to deliver this year’s Tripathy Endowed Memorial Lecture and to receive an honorary doctorate from UMass Lowell.
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  • IMAGE satellite ready for launch

    Long-lost Satellite Carrying UML-built Instrument Rediscovered

    NASA was able to re-establish radio contact with the IMAGE satellite, which was launched in 2000 and operated for nearly six years before ground controllers suddenly lost its signal in December 2005.
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  • Solar corona2

    UML Researchers to Conduct Experiments during Solar Eclipse

    UMass Lowell researchers will take advantage of the rare opportunity presented by the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 to study how the moon’s shadow might affect Earth’s upper atmosphere.
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  • Solar corona

    Preparations Underway for Upcoming Solar Eclipse

    On Monday, Aug. 21, a total eclipse of the sun will be visible in the United States along a narrow track that stretches from Salem, Ore., to Charleston, S.C. Check out tips for viewing the partial eclipse that will happen in New England.
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  • Concealed weapon

    Faculty Researchers Awarded $75K to Help Commercialize New Technologies

    The UMass President’s Office recently awarded a total of $75,000 to three teams of UMass Lowell faculty researchers to develop new technologies aimed at detecting cancer, improving the cost and quality of plastic products and creating highly stable battery power supplies.
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  • Asst. Prof. Wei Guo working in the lab

    State Awards $130K to Professors for Clean Energy Research

    Physics Asst. Prof. Wei Guo and mechanical engineering Assoc. Prof. Fuqiang Liu are among seven early-stage researchers recently awarded funding through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Catalyst Program to develop promising products and technologies in the fields of clean energy and clean water.
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  • Radiation detector

    Physics Professor Co-invents New Low-cost Nanofilm Radiation Detector

    Prof. Erno Sajo, in collaboration with researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has developed a new class of inexpensive nanofilm radiation detectors that can be used in everything from health care to homeland security.
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  • Asst. Prof. Silas Laycock with the students

    Faculty, Students Bring Astronomy Roadshow to Haiti Schoolchildren

    A team from UMass Lowell spent spring break teaching more than a hundred schoolchildren in Haiti about astronomy, rocket science, space exploration and the lives of famous scientists, engineers and mathematicians.
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  • Proxima b planet

    Alien Planet Likely Can’t Support Life, Say Researchers

    Advanced mathematical 3-D modeling conducted by Asst. Prof. Ofer Cohen and other researchers demonstrates that Proxima b doesn’t have an atmosphere; hence, the chances of finding extraterrestrial life on the alien world’s surface have become less likely.
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  • Ralph Douyon and Danaya Alabre with two visiting UML students and the BioBubbler.

    Online Student in Haiti Wins Prestigious Scholarship

    Dayana Alabre, a student research assistant at the university’s Haiti Development Studies Center in Les Cayes, has won a prestigious scholarship to help pay for her online studies in English literature.
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  • Earth as seen from space.

    Private Space Telescope to Take Photos of Earth’s Twin Planets

    Project Blue, a consortium of non-governmental, non-profit space and research institutions, including UMass Lowell, has embarked on an ambitious quest to design, build and launch by 2020 a small, privately funded space telescope to detect planets around our nearest stellar neighbor called Alpha Centauri.
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  • An artist's impression shows the planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri B. Our own sun is in the upper right.

    Scientists Building Telescope to Seek Another Earth

    Several of the technologies necessary for the telescope have already been on various NASA missions, according to Project Blue's lead scientist Supriya Chakrabarti, an astronomer at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
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  • A student in an inflatable bumper ball

    New Sciences Dean Gets Warm Welcome at Block Party

    The second annual Kennedy College of Sciences Block Party at Cumnock Hall gave the school’s new dean, Noureddine Melikechi, a fun and informal way to introduce himself to students, faculty and staff.
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  • UMass Lowell students Charles Barbon, Jacob Hulme, William Mann and Dat Le are building a satellite that space agency NASA hopes to launch in 2018.

    Students on a NASA Mission to Build Satellite

    UMass Lowell students awarded $200,000 grant by NASA to design and build a satellite that will launch into orbit in 2018.
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  • Summer-Reading-Book-Beach-Chair-1400

    Readers Hit the Books over Summer

    More than two dozen people from across the campus community share what’s on their summer reading lists. Their responses run the gamut—with authors ranging from the Dalai Lama to Kurt Vonnegut and topics spanning quantum physics to dieting strategies, and everything in between.
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