1. All animal carcasses shall first be placed in a plastic bag and then in a brown paper biohazard material bag (e.g. a Kraft bag). Animal carcass, animal tissue/parts, and animal excreta/bedding may be placed together in the same bag for the same animal.

2. Animal carcass waste bags shall NOT contain:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Knives
  • Blades
  • Glass
  • Sharps
  • Polyvinyl chloride plastics
  • Scalpels
  • Pipettes
  • Ceramics.

3. Once the animal carcass has been double bagged, it must be frozen for at least twenty four to forty eight hours prior to pickup by Radiation Safety.

4. Short-lived animal carcass waste may be stored on site for decay until the activity of the waste is indistinguishable from background (the waste measures less than 2x the average background value in a low background area using an appropriate radiation detector).

  • When the radioactive waste is indistinguishable from background, the Authorized User (or laboratory representative) shall contact the Radiation Safety Office. The Radiation Safety Office shall analyze the waste to certify that the waste is no longer radioactive.
  • If the waste is no longer radioactive, it shall be disposed of as per the rules and regulations of the UMass Environmental Health and Safety Office (x2618).

5. A radioactive material tag (or sticker) must be placed on the outermost bag and must be fully labeled as described in Section A: General Waste Handling section, Part 8.

6. Call the Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (x3373) to arrange a pickup.