The University of Massachusetts Lowell, as licensee for the possession and use of radiation sources, recognizes its responsibility to both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to establish appropriate policies and procedures for the safe use of radiation sources. To this end the University has appointed a Radiation Safety Committee (See Appendix I of the UML Radiation Safety Guide - pdf) to develop such policies and procedures. This committee is directly responsible to the Chancellor in all matters of radiation safety.

The Committee has established policies and regulations to be followed by all users at the University. Any additions or modification of procedures remain the responsibility of the Radiation Safety Committee. Changes will occur as revisions or additions to this Radiation Safety Guide become necessary for purposes of clarification, changes in title or positions, and other reasons which in no way shall result in a lessening of the safe use of radiation sources and devices. Specific procedures on Radiation Safety are found in Part II of the guide.