If you are a Manager please refer to HR Direct for more information. It is our centralized, easy-to-use, self-service application all current UMass Lowell employees use to manage human resource and payroll data.

The Manager’s Checklist (pdf) is designed to help you prepare for a new employee’s introduction to UMass Lowell. Please encourage new employees to acquire new skills, meet changing customer expectations, find ways to contribute to UMass Lowell’s mission and vision and continue to enjoy a rewarding career experience.

Time Approval

Managers should be approving employee time in HR Direct if your direct reports are hourly students and temporary employees; mid-management & non-unit professionals; or any clerical & technical staff.

NOTE: All students time must be approved on-line or it will not be paid.

The system deadline for managers to approve time is Monday at 11:59 p.m. of the critical payroll week. The Pay Schedule can be viewed on-line.

Reporting Late Time

Employees only have self-service timesheet access to the current payroll weeks. They do not have access to report late time, or adjust prior period time. For more information on how late time is reported please visit the Time Reporting and Approval webpage.


HR Direct Manager Time Approval Tutorials

Business FunctionJob Aid
Manager ApprovingHR Direct - Manager Time Approval Tutorial (pdf)
Manage System Approved Time in SummitManage System Approved Time in Summit Tutorial (pdf)