Resources for Hiring Managers & New Hires/Employees

Employment Services is committed to ensuring a smooth search process along onboarding experience for all new temporary hires, including part-time adjunct faculty members who are not eligible for benefits and temporary staff. This also applies to any non-benefit rehires who have been separated from UMass Lowell for more than a year.

Temporary Hires are:

  • Non-student new to the University.
  • Student transitioning to a non-student job.
  • A person who has not worked at the University.

Hiring Managers

To facilitate a successful temporary Staff and/or Adjunct hire, we've created a detailed job aid below, which outlines each step of the hiring process to help you navigate the onboarding of new temporary employees successfully.

Our aim is to ensure that all required procedures are carried out promptly and accurately, offering a seamless introduction and a strong start for our recruitment efforts.

  • Creating a Requisition for Temporary/03 Job posting.
  • Searching and Managing Applicants.
  • Recommend for Hire & Completion of Offer Details Card.

Onboarding of New Hire

Employment Service with the hiring department to oversee the onboarding process for new employees. Our goal is to ensure that all necessary steps are completed efficiently and effectively, providing a warm welcome and a solid foundation for our new hires.

  • Step One: Background Check/New Hire Paperwork.
  • Step Two: Start Date/Welcome Letter/I9.
  • Step Three: Submission of ePAF.

While Employment Services will handle the onboarding logistics, your role as hiring managers or department administrators will be crucial in ensuring new hires complete all necessary onboarding tasks. Please review the Manager’s On-Boarding Check List.

It is imperative that no new hire starts working prior to the completion of the onboarding process and obtaining the necessary approvals. As part of our commitment to both legal compliance and the success of our employees, it is crucial to underscore the importance of completing the entire onboarding process and securing the necessary approvals before any employee begins their duties.

If you have any questions regarding the temporary Staff and/or Adjunct hiring process, please email:

Important Information for New Hires/Employees important-info

For more information on alternate benefit programs for temporary employees, please review the Temporary Employee Benefits webpage.

Email Account

Your UMass Lowell email account will be automatically generated when all of your information is processed by HR. If you have been given your Employee ID number by your manager, you can move forward with looking up your email address by accessing the UMass Email Lookup Tool and continue with next steps. In addition to your Employee ID, you will also need to enter your date of birth, and last name, to find your email address. If you have not been provided with your Employee ID number, please reach out to your manager.

Once you have your email address, you can call The IT Department at 978-934-4357 to set up your initial password. For password requirements, please refer to the myPassword information webpage.

**Typically email addresses are generated 24 – 48 hours from the date of entry into HR system Employee ID # created).

HR Direct

The UMass Lowell email address will be your login for HR Direct. The HR Direct is the application that Human Resource office uses. This application is where employees can enter hours worked on their timesheet, approve time for employees if they are a manager, add or update personal or payroll information on the Employee Self Service dashboard in HR Direct. Here are some features that can be viewed or updated on the dashboard:

  • Report Time
  • Pay Advice
  • Personal Details
  • Direct Deposit
  • W-2/W-2c Consent
  • W-4/M-4 Tax Information
  • View W-2/W-2c Forms

Pay Information

Employees are paid on a biweekly basis every other Friday. The Pay Schedule contains information regarding payroll periods. If you sign up for direct deposit your pay advice is suppressed, so you will not receive a printed pay advice. On payday, you will have access to view, print and/or save your pay advice in HR Direct. You can also check out the how to view your paycheck online page.

UCard and Parking Information

You will need to visit the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) office to obtain an identification card (UCard) and parking access.

If you need access and/or parking before your completed paperwork has been turned in and/or entered into the system, you may complete a Request for Services for New Faculty / Staff Form (pdf) and return it to the UCAPS office.