Student hourly employees, hourly temporary employees; mid-management & non-unit professionals; and clerical and technical employees are now using HR Direct for self-service time reporting.

NOTE: Facilities Maintenance and Trades employees use an automated time clock system called Kronos. See your manager for more information.

Reporting Late Time

Employees only have self-service timesheet access to the current payroll weeks. They do not have access to report late time, or adjust prior period time. To report late time, complete one of the late timesheets below and contact one of our campus timekeepers to assist you with the time entry.


  • Student & Hourly Employee Timesheet (for student employees and non-student hourly employees)
  • Exception Time Reporter (for benefited Employees)

For your convenience, you can also review the University Timekeeper list.

Timekeeper Roles and Responsibilities

The system deadline for employees to report time in HR Direct is Sunday at 5 p.m. of the critical payroll week (i.e., Sunday before pay day). The Payroll Schedule can be viewed on-line. Managers may impose earlier deadlines as necessary to accommodate holidays, vacations, etc.

Business FunctionJob Aid
Employee Reporting of Time - New ViewEmployee Reporting of Time - New View Tutorial
Employee Reporting of Time (Salaried)Employee Reporting of Time (Salaried) Tutorial
Employee Reporting of Time (Hourly)Employee Reporting of Time (Hourly) Tutorial
Overview of Time Reporting CodesOverview of Time Reporting Codes webpage 
Mass Sick Time ReportingMass Sick Time Reporting Tutorial
Special Processing RequirementsJob Aid
Normal Holiday ReportingNormal Holiday Reporting Tutorial
Saturday Holiday ReportingSaturday Holiday Reporting Tutorial (pdf)
Essential Personnel, PoliceEssential Personnel, Police Tutorial (pdf)
Outside Detail, PoliceOutside Detail, Police Tutorial (pdf)
Comp Time Earned & Used in Same WeekComp Time Earned & Used in Same Week Tutorial (pdf)
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) EditsFMLA Edits Tutorial (pdf)

Manager Time Approval Information

Manager Time Approval Information can be found on the Managers webpage.