Please note this page is for both University and Grant-Funded additional compensation.

For more information regarding grant funded compensation including guidelines and job aids please visit our Grants & Sponsored Programs page.

Workflow for additional compensation: 

  • Proceed to e*mpac on the UMass Lowell website
  • Go to Chartfield Lookup, enter Business Unit (UMLOW) and your SpeedType
  • Locate numbers under "Fund". View the grant funded numbers.

If this number is one of the grant funded numbers then proceed with Step 1 If this fund number is not one of the grant funded numbers then fill out one of these forms.

University-Funded Additional Compensation.

This form is used for Faculty requesting additional compensation.

This form is used for Staff requesting additional compensation.

Grant-Funded Additional Compensation.

Please complete a Proxy Form if you are filling this out on behalf of someone else.

  1. Step 1: Request a Salary Analysis for Additional Compensation. This form must be filled out prior to submitting an Additional Compensation form. Once you receive the report back this must be attached to the Additional Compensation form request. Please allow one week for this report.

  2. Step 2: Complete this form if you are the Principal Investigator and wish to submit an Additional Compensation form for payment.
  3. Step 3: Complete this form if you are not the Principal Investigator, or if you are submitting an Additional Compensation form for payment on the behalf of someone else.

Note: Once an Additional Compensation Form for a Grant funded employee is submitted, the form will electronically be sent to the appropriate parties for approval. Ultimately the form will be electronically sent to Payroll for processing.