Workshops may address topics such as inclusion, sexual harassment, sexual assault and discriminatory harassment prevention and response, responsibilities of managers and disability accommodations. The programs can be tailored to the individual needs of individuals, academic and administrative departments.

Recent offerings include:

  • Bystander Awareness
  • Conversations About Diversity
  • Cultural Competency: Knowledge, Skills and Awareness
  • Understanding Title IX

Preventing Harassment and Discrimination, with Title IX and Clery training for all employees provides interactive exercises that enhance skills to respond and prevent harassment on our campus; and practical tips on creating a safe, inclusive environment for learning and work. To request enrollment, please contact Equal Opportunity and Outreach by phone at 978-934-3565 or email:

Visit the Employee Learning, Engagement & Development website to see a list of current offerings.

Please contact EOO if you would like to discuss developing a tailored workshop, to assist you in fostering your workplace climate of respect and inclusion.