Diversity and Inclusion ERG

“The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Employee Resource Group is to assist the university in accomplishing its strategic diversity and inclusion goals and creating a supporting and engaging community and which everyone feels accepted, appreciated, respected and valued for their contributions.”

Proposed Goals

  1. Provide a safe space for personal and professional networking for all UMass Lowell diverse employees.
  2. Provide a safe space for the discussion and support of guidelines that impact UMass Lowell diverse employees.
  3. Provide opportunities for social events designed to build community among employees from diverse backgrounds Faculty/Staff.
  4. Support UMass Lowell’s commitment to inclusion and diversity by providing resources for recruitment, outreach, retention, and diversity education on diversity and inclusion issues.
  5. Assist with onboarding efforts and initiatives for diverse employees.
  6. Develop and maintain relationships with Diversity organizations in the Lowell community.

More Information

We invite you to join the Diversity and Inclusion Employee Resource Group. For more information, please email equal_opportunity@uml.edu or call 978-934-3565.