To graduate with a Commonwealth Honors designation, students must:

To graduate with Honors College Distinction, students must:

  • Maintain a 3.250 overall GPA or higher.
  • Satisfy all UMass Lowell Commonwealth Honors Curriculum Requirements, excluding the Honors Project.
  • Submit at least one approved Enrichment Requirement (E1) for each semester you are in the Honors College.
  • Final GPA must be at least 3.250 overall.
  • Be a member of the Honors College during semester of graduation.

Honors Status

Good Standing:

  • Maintain 3.250 + overall GPA
  • Honors class earn B or better
  • E1 for each semester you are active in Honors.

Probation Status:

  • Students that have earned an overall GPA between 3.240-3.000
  • Students can be on probation for one (1) semester.
  • Students must meet with their Honors Specialists to be granted probation status.
  • In Progress Flag (can include):
    • Honors Class progression
    • E1 progression
    • Engagement with the Honors Specialists
    • Form completion: (for example Pathway Form, Proposal Form)

Academically Withdrawn:

  • Students earn an overall GPA of 2.990 or below.

If a student opts out of Honors, they must email This must be completed by the first day of the semester.