By Invitation

For eligible students, the UMass Lowell Admission’s Office will send a letter of invitation to join the Honors College. Invitation eligibility criteria for incoming freshmen operate on a sliding scale based on a student's GPA and SAT/ACT test score. Invitation criteria for incoming transfers is based on a student's GPA from their previous institution.

This invitation letter will be included within the admission notification packet. Invited students are not automatically enrolled in the Honors College. Students must opt into the Honors College by filling out the membership form in the admissions portal.

By Student Request

Any student interested in becoming a member of the Honors College should fill out the Honors College Membership Form. Incoming freshmen who did not receive an invitation to join the Honors College upon admission to the university may apply through this method.

We welcome eligible students who have demonstrated a love for learning and who have solid academic credentials.