Online Training

UMass Lowell offers online safety certification in the following areas. Please choose the appropriate certification type from the dropdown list on the certification page:
Lab Safety Training
Silica Hazard Awareness Training
Laser Safety Training
Radiation Safety Training
Bloodborne Pathogen/Biosafety Training
Proper Hazardous Waste Management Training (coming soon) 

EHS Training

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, face-to-face trainings during the pandemic are cancelled.

Prior to working on campus during the pandemic, lab workers and employees must complete the online COVID-19 training. This training requires the user to enter specific contact information for tracking purposes. Post quiz your results are emailed to you, EHS, as well as the research re-entry evaluation committee. Once reviewed, you will receive a notification from the research re-entry evaluation committee.

Face-to-face scheduled training sessions will resume post-pandemic.

Lab-safetyLab Safety

Laboratory safety training is required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for all laboratory personnel who work in UMass Lowell laboratories that have chemicals and/or generate hazardous waste. All faculty, staff, graduate students, teaching assistants, research assistants, researchers and other paid employees (including undergraduate students who are paid employees) must annually attend an EHS lab safety training session.

This training is offered online or face-to face by request. Lab safety training is required annually. It is the responsibility of the faculty member who oversees the lab to assure that all workers receive EHS lab safety training on an annual basis.

For questions, please contact Kathi Lamond at 978-934-2746 (internal extension: 4-2746) or email:

Bloodborne Pathogen/Biosafety Bloodborne

Pre-registration is not required.

The EHS Department offers OSHA-BBP training to all employees, students, faculty and staff that will work in laboratories or potentially will be in contact with blood, body fluids, tissues, biopsies, cell lines, or other potentially infectious materials of human origin. Those laboratory workers are considered at risk for occupational exposure to BBP and other potential infectious materials. In addition, they are offered training, personal protective equipment (PPE) and Hepatitis B vaccination at no cost to them.

OSHA BBP training is offered together with Biosafety training to all laboratory workers that will handle any kind of biological agents and work at BSL-1 and/or BSL-2 laboratories. OSHA- BBP training is valid for one year. There is a refresher BBP/Biosafety for the second year and thereafter.


Online BBP/Biosafety Training Sessions can be found through the Biosafety Training page

In-person / Livestream

BBP/Biosafety training sessions for 2020 are held in Wannalancit Mills, Room 305. Get directions to Wannalancit using UMass Lowell's interactive maps.

  • Instructor: Glenn MacDonald, Biosafety Officer
  • Important: Additional Training for groups can be requested by emailing: or calling the EHS office at 978-934-2618.
Bloodborne Pathogen / Biosafety Training 2021
January 27Cancelled
February 12Cancelled
March 11Cancelled
April 15Cancelled
May 13Cancelled
June 17Cancelled
July 15Cancelled
August 12Cancelled
September 16Cancelled
October 7Cancelled
November 18Cancelled
December 16Cancelled

fireFire Extinguisher Awareness Training

The EEM-EHS Department offers Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training to employees, students, faculty and staff who may need to use an extinguisher during a fire. In most cases during a fire emergency it is best for occupants to follow evacuation plans and notify the fire department. This hands on training provides awareness of the types of fires that may be encountered, the types and locations of extinguishers and procedures to operate an extinguisher.This training is offered monthly.

  • Location: Hands on fire extinguisher awareness training sessions are held at the Olney Hall Loading Dock. Alternative location outside between Pinanski and Olney.
  • Instructor: Rick Wood , Environmental and Emergency Management
  • Important: Additional Training for groups can be requested by contacting the instructor Daniel Stewart by email: or Rick Wood by email: or by calling the EEM office at 978-934-2618.
Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training
2020 DatesDayTime
January 23Thursday10 a.m.
February 27Thursday10 a.m.
March 26Thursday10 a.m.
April 23Cancelled
May 28Cancelled
June 25Cancelled
July 23Cancelled
August 27Cancelled
September 24Cancelled
October 22Cancelled
November 24Cancelled

December 22Cancelled

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