In addition to university honors, departments may also award honors to their graduating students. Graduating students in Continuing Education can receive these honors from the college that has jurisdiction over their major. Faculty members in the student’s major or interdisciplinary committees may recommend their graduates for honors to recognize outstanding achievement in their field.
To qualify for such honors, graduates must complete a minimum of 24 credits in their major at the university and fulfill any honors requirements as specified by colleges, departments or interdisciplinary committees in their field. To receive honors, a student must have a 3.25 to 3.99 grade point average in all major courses taken at the university with no grade lower than a B. For high honors, students must have a 4.0 grade point average in all courses taken in their major at the university.

Master's Awards

Master of Business Administration

  • Bilal Asghar Chaudhry
  • Rahul Das
  • James DiMaio
  • Joshua Ryan Farrand
  • Phyo Htet Hein
  • Raphael Itah
  • Jae Chul Kim
  • Christopher Lyons
  • Timothy McCann
  • Luis Angel Mejias
  • Alexander Michals
  • Lynne Marie OMara
  • Riti Piyush Patel
  • Saomenea Phorn
  • Carson Magwire Tully
  • Benjamin Ethan Tunick

Master of Business Administration, Abitus

  • Shozo Fukuda
  • Risako Hagio
  • Michio Kanno
  • Taiki Kida
  • Yohei Nakamichi
  • Yusuke Terao

Master of Science in Accounting

  • Jessica Lynn Caredeo
  • Weijie Zhang

Master of Science in Business Analytics

  • Harshit Chandrol
  • Sakshi S. Jeena

Master of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Lisa Anne King-Schiappa

Master of Science in Finance

  • Gordon Freeman
  • Ashley Lloyd

Undergraduate Awards


  • Sarah Curley
  • Isabelle Giles
  • Timothy Xuan Nguyen
  • Jessica Lynn Stevens
  • Sophia Minhthuy Tran

Analytics & Operations Management

  • Thuy Nha Uyen Mai
  • Kevin James Siefken
  • Mansi Ashwin Thakkar

Business Administration - General

  • Natalie Zeltser
  • Shaunna Mary Peters


  • Loucas Paul Costeas
  • Jennifer Elizabeth Lerman


  • Loucas Paul Costeas
  • Mark Francisco
  • Cameron Vincent Keiley
  • Timothy Xuan Nguyen
  • Kevin James Siefken
  • Mansi Ashwin Thakkar
  • Nicole Renee Wilson

International Business

  • Valeriia Chaika


  • Jean-Francois Lamarche
  • Agrata Jignesh Patel
  • Nancy Channda Sok
  • Dennis James Sykes
  • Nicole Renee Wilson

Management Information Systems

  • Thuy Nha Uyen Mai
  • Usama Khalid Mirza


  • Valeriia Chaika
  • Agrata Jignesh Patel
  • Annika Lauren Williams

Honors College

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts awards these baccalaureate students in the Manning School of Business within the Honors College the Commonwealth Honors distinction on their degrees. 
  • Jhostin Baez Peguero  
  • Sarah Curley  
  • Danielle Elizabeth DiPietro  
  • Téa Maddalena Ferrara  
  • Natalia Ann Frate  
  • Alexa Gaton Hernandez  
  • Madeline Jeanne Gear  
  • Avijay Ghosh  
  • Isabelle Giles  
  • Iain Robert Duncan Gillies  
  • Michaela Catherine Hanson  
  • Eisha Radia Haroon  
  • Ragava Selvi Kamala Selvakumar  
  • Cameron Vincent Keiley  
  • Richard Lande  
  • Beatriz Lorena Martins  
  • Charbel George Merheb  
  • Timothy Joseph Morahan  
  • Dustin Le Nguyen  
  • William John Pullen  
  • Keven James Siefken  
  • Jessica Lynn Stevens  
  • Sara Ababa Van Voorhis  
  • Melody Yilvania Veloz  
  • Nicole Renee Wilson  
  • Victor Smith Yankey Jr. 
  • Lisaidy Zabala Paniagua