In addition to university honors, departments may also award honors to their graduating students. Graduating students in Continuing Education can receive these honors from the college that has jurisdiction over their major. Faculty members in the student’s major or interdisciplinary committees may recommend their graduates for honors to recognize outstanding achievement in their field.
To qualify for such honors, graduates must complete a minimum of 24 credits in their major at the university and fulfill any honors requirements as specified by colleges, departments or interdisciplinary committees in their field. To receive honors, a student must have a 3.25 to 3.99 grade point average in all major courses taken at the university with no grade lower than a B. For high honors, students must have a 4.0 grade point average in all courses taken in their major at the university.

Doctoral Awards


  • Doctoral Dean's Award for Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program
    • Katherine Anne Forbes-Smith 
    • Shelby A. Menard 
    • Julianne Murthi 
    • Jonelle Marie O'Connor 
  • Doctoral Dean's Award for Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing: Pamela J. Fallon 
  • Alan ’77, ’94(H) and Susan Solomont School of Nursing Scholarship Fund: Jonelle Marie O'Connor 
  • Dr. Susan M. Reece Graduate Nursing Scholars Diversity Fund: Jonelle Marie O'Connor 
  • Doctoral Award for Outstanding Student for Doctorate in Nursing Practice:Julianne Murthi 
  • Doctoral Award for Outstanding Student for Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing: Montri Khumrungsee 

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Doctoral Dean's Award for Doctorate of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Deepika Chimmanamada Dinesh
  • Doctoral Award for Outstanding Student for Doctorate oPharmaceutical Sciences: Oladimeji Jimmy Akinlawon 

Physical Therapy

  • Doctoral Dean's Award for Doctorate of Physical Therapy: Jillian Nicole Schlegel 
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy Award of Excellence
    • Allyson Claire Dillon 
    • Jacquelyn Iannuzzo 
    • Alexandra Elizabeth McNamara 
    • Andrew James Stanwicks
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy Clinical Excellence Award 
    • Erin Buron 
    • Allyson Claire Dillon 
    • Sara Feinstein 
    • Jeanna Marie Francis 
    • Molly Jones 
    • Rebekah Leavitt 
    • Nicole Irene Senechal 
    • Thomas Servidio 
    • Nicole Lynn Stavropoulos 

Public Health

  • Doctoral Dean's Award for Doctorate of Public Health: Sundus Siddique 

Master’s Awards

Applied Biomedical Sciences

  • Dean's Award: Serena Jean Burkinshaw and Mya Elaine Sanford 
  • Outstanding Student Award: Serena Jean Burkinshaw  

Health Information Management

  • Dean's Award: John Paul LoCicero and Samantha Tereva 


  • Dean's Award: Mayer B. Andersen 
  • Robert and Donna Manning Endowed Scholarship Fund: Christina Nicole Benoit 
  • Outstanding Student Award: Mayer B. Andersen 

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Dean's Award: Joanna Zikos 
  • Department Award: Dhwani Doshi 
  • Outstanding Student Award: Ritika Kishore Shah 

Public Health

  • Dean's Award: Namrata Chauhan
  • Beverly Volicer Award for Excellence in Practicum Performance: Emily Elizabeth Campbell 
  • MPH Student Excellence Award: Lawreta Kankam 
  • MSHIM Student Excellence Award: Bridget Michaela Colburnand Irene Kounelas Gibbons 
  • MSHIM Award for Excellence in Capstone Performance: Allison Dale Leibowitz and Brandon Michael Moore

Undergraduate Awards

Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences

  • Dean's Award in Applied Biomedical Sciences - Medical Laboratory Science: Madison Green
  • Dean's Award in Nutritional Science: Jessica Brevilia
  • Dean's Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Marita Merheb
  • Dr. Robert J. Nicolosi Outstanding Student Research Award: Clair Rita Mulcahy 
  • Joseph P. Farina Professional Development Award: Nathalie Sueheng Kim 
  • Kay Doyle Clinical Practitioner’s Award: Katelyn Rose Montgomery 
  • Kay Doyle ’77, 86’ Endowed Scholarship Fund for Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Clair Rita Mulcahy 
  • Professional Development Award Nutritional Sciences: Jessica Brevilia 
  • Professional Development Award in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Lauren E. Portalla 

Exercise Science

  • Dean's Award: Donald William Rogers
  • Exercise Science Award of Excellence in Research: Andrew Gaskins and Donald William Rogers 
  • Exercise Science Practicum Excellence Award: Tyler Anderson-Parrado 


  • Dean's Award: Carley Elizabeth Ananian
  • SSON Senior Student Leadership Award: Lilli Andrea McNeice 
  • SSON Senior Student Service Award: Paige Alyssa Magee 
  • Bring Diversity to Nursing Endowment Fund 
    • Faith Serwah Boateng Afranie 
    • Abigail Severe 
    • Marc Berley Valcin 
  • Christina A. O’Connell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund: Yarleny Maria Pinto Santiago  
  • Shirley Cyronis Nursing Endowment Scholarship: Sophia Gina D’Amico 
  • Solomont Family Nursing Scholarship Endowment: Favour Chinenye Eche andKathryn Rose Phaneuf 

Public Health

  • Dean's Award: Robert Andrew Scott
  • Beverly Volicer Award for Excellence in Practicum Performance: Robert Andrew Scott 
  • Undergraduate Student Excellence Award for Community Health/Health Promotion Concentration: Meilani Chen
  • Undergraduate Student Excellence Award for Health Sciences Concentration: Talitha Crystal Dantas 

Honors College

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts awards these baccalaureate students in the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences within the Honors College the Commonwealth Honors distinction on their degrees. 
  • Carley Ananian
  • Kyra Barry
  • Chloe Burge
  • Talitha Crystal Dantas
  • Amy Desjardins
  • Emila Faletra
  • Britney Ariana Gabriel
  • Lovia Asiedua Gyau
  • Brianna Harrington
  • Veronica Kang
  • Angelina Khiem
  • Elizabeth Linarte
  • Krista Magnarelli
  • Hannah Mendoza
  • Marita Merheb
  • Raelsy Nicole Mora
  • Clair Rita Mulcahy
  • Tuong Nguyen
  • Donald Rogers
  • Qandelle Sial
  • Owen Skrekas