In addition to university honors, departments may also award honors to their graduating students. Graduating students in Continuing Education can receive these honors from the college that has jurisdiction over their major. Faculty members in the student’s major or interdisciplinary committees may recommend their graduates for honors to recognize outstanding achievement in their field.
To qualify for such honors, graduates must complete a minimum of 24 credits in their major at the university and fulfill any honors requirements as specified by colleges, departments or interdisciplinary committees in their field. To receive honors, a student must have a 3.25 to 3.99 grade point average in all major courses taken at the university with no grade lower than a B. For high honors, students must have a 4.0 grade point average in all courses taken in their major at the university.

Doctoral Awards

School of Criminology and Justice Studies

  • Outstanding Ph.D. Award: Presley Louise McGarry 
  • Amy Finn Human Spirit Award: Christopher Donahue 
  • Gerald T. Hotaling Award for Outstanding Research: Presley Louise McGarry 
  • Outstanding Service Award: Angela K. Callahan 

School of Education

  • Ed.D. Dissertation in Practice Award: John Hanron 
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award: Rachel Ziminski 
  • Outstanding Graduate Student: Meghan Johnson 

Master’s Awards


  • Outstanding Graduate Student in Music Education: Kevin Gallant 


  • Community Social Psychology Graduate Student Research Award: Matthew Minigell 
  • Community Social Psychology Graduate Student Community Leadership Award: Shibani Chakravorty 
  • Outstanding Community Social Psychology Graduate Student Award: Alisha C. Solomon 
  • Graduate Student Academic Excellence Award in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies: Derek McCann and Reilly Waldron 
  • Clinical Excellence Award in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies: Emily Bedard and Emily Giammasi 
  • Research Excellence Award in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies: Jack Blake 
  • Outstanding Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Studies Graduate Student Award: Samantha De Vasconcelos 

School of Criminology and Justice Studies 

  • Outstanding Graduate Students in Criminal Justice 
    • Nicholas Antonio Borges 
    • Keith R. Chomka 
    • Aaron Robert Dustin 
    • Tim Myles McGrail 
    • Christopher Panzini 
    • Rylee Rose Saint Amand 
    • Grace Eileen Sorenson 
    • Kelly Megan Surette 
    • Abdul Wahab 
    • Louis J. Williams 
  • Outstanding Graduate Students in Security Studies 
    • Lucia Diane Arrigo 
    • Mathieu Bruneau 
    • Michael Thomas Connors 
    • Bridget Marie Fagan 
    • Keira Alenah Hom 
    • Katherine Mayer 
    • Tara Caitlin Kimball Murphy 
    • Timothy Paul Norton II 

Undergraduate Awards

Art & Design 

  • Award of Excellence in Animation and Interactive Media: Rachel Whipple 
  • Award of Excellence in Graphic Design: Rebecca Loechler 
  • Award of Excellence in Studio Art: Kara Cormier 
  • Senior Studio Award in Animation & Interactive Media: Christian Flaherty 
  • Senior Studio Award in Graphic Design: Khiem Tran 
  • Senior Studio Award in Studio Art: Iram Chughtai 

Bachelor of Liberal Arts 

  • Academic Excellence Award: Gabrielle Salvatore 
  • Academic Excellence Award – Continuing Education: Maridalia Gil 

School of Criminology and Justice Studies  

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Students: 
    • Angelina Lisa Barletta 
    • Carley Elizabeth Bennet 
    • Christopher Ronald Bonney 
    • Ana Burgos 
    • Jessica M. Elkhoury 
    • Cameron McKenzie  
    • John P. MacDonald Sr. 
    • Jaxiannette Marquez 
    • Zoe Patricia Toohey 
    • Craig Verret 
    • Trinity Waithe 
  • Gerald T. Hotaling Award for Outstanding Research: Jessica M. Elkhoury 


  • Outstanding Academic Achievement: Caroline DeSouza 


  • Coburn Award for Elementary Education: Ashley McCreedy 
  • Coburn Award for Secondary Teaching: Tanya Kieu 


  • Academic Excellence Award
    • Kacey Corbett 
    • Ashley Greene 
    • Caitlin Grosso 
    • Jenn Kelson 
  • Outstanding Major Award 
    • Nicolas Berinstein 
    • Jessie Daniliuk 
    • Sara Desroches 
    • Jake Hogan 
    • Julian Viviescas Mejia 
    • Sophie Welch 
    • Aaron Wiswall 
  • Creative Writing Concentration Award: Sarah Wright  
  • Literature Concentration Award: Jackson Dean 
  • Theatre Arts Concentration Award: Seirina Reyes Marquez  
  • Journalism & Professional Writing Concentration Award: Jake Hogan and Julian Viviescas Mejia 
  • English Studies Award: Jenn Kelson and Cami Stephens 


  • Charles Carroll Award for Service: Isabella Rozzi 
  • Outstanding Scholar Awards: Siobhan Hale 


  • Outstanding Senior in Music Business: Andrew Bandar 
  • Outstanding Senior in Music Performance: Adam Cahalane and Patricia Seun 
  • Outstanding Senior in Music Studies: Tyler Hoyt and Eryn Mahoney Witts 
  • Outstanding Seniors in Composition for New Media: Kevin Gallagher and Connor Wallowitz 
  • Outstanding Seniors in Sound Recording Technology: Rachael Thompson 


  • Academic Excellence Award: Michael Makiej 
  • Outstanding Leadership Award: Sean Caulfield 

Political Science 

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement: Ceirra Casey, Michael Makiej and Sophia Renda  
  • Academic Excellence
    • Charles DiSciullo  
    • Ryan Forrester 
    • David Gilblair 
    • Veronica Greenwood 
    • Sarah Khamis  
    • Crisely Moreta  
    • Joseph Okafor  


  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award: Mario J. Sordello, Jr. 
  • Kunzendorf Award for Excellence in Research: Jasmine Nguyen 
  • Award for Excellence in Community Leadership and Service: Diana Asamoah and Yesmairis Perez 
  • Excellence Awards 
    • Sarah Aldulaimy 
    • Jai Surya Aravala 
    • Kyle Colon 
    • Ivelisse Garcia 
    • Julien Le 
    • Mayetha Museau 
    • Momo Muth 
    • Tien Pham 
    • Celia Wong 


  • Academic Excellence: Randi Froude  
  • Shirley Kolack Award for Community Service: Cassidy Rivera Keefe 

World Languages and Cultures 

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement – Spanish Option: Victoria Fagundes and Mary Yount 
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement – French Option: Celia Wong 

Honors College

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts awards these baccalaureate students in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences within the Honors College the Commonwealth Honors distinction on their degrees. 
  • Wonder Ahiatsi
  • Sarah Aldulaimy
  • Elizabeth A. Amaral
  • Stephanie Ayeboafo
  • Joseph Barry
  • Christopher Bonney
  • Julie Buchieri
  • Gabrielle Costa
  • Zelda Coulibaly
  • Caroline Campos DeSouza
  • Emeli Diaz
  • Jessica Elkhoury
  • Christian Joseph Flaherty
  • Randi Froude
  • Cameron Fuller
  • Hannah Gould
  • Ashley Greene
  • Jake Hogan
  • Yulin Holder
  • Caroline Hulverson
  • Troy Lafond
  • Davis Laich
  • Jasmine Lopez
  • Daniel Patrick Lutz II
  • Kimberly Mai
  • Michael Makiej
  • Adeline McLaughlin-McGinnis
  • Jasmine Nguyen
  • Celine Paredes-Celestino
  • Jennifer Polanco De Los Santos
  • Sophia Renda
  • Isabella Rozzi
  • Gabrille Salvatore
  • Eric Schultz
  • Mario Sordello Jr
  • Lynn Sullivan
  • Rachael Thompson
  • Jillian Toomey
  • Phillip Valeri
  • London N. Verdejo Torres
  • Julian Viviescas-Mejia
  • Aaron Wiswall