For New Faculty


The program provides a structured framework for all new full-time faculty to learn about UML as well as the resources to promote faculty success. Launch@UML encourages new faculty members to learn about UMass Lowell, connect with faculty and staff from across campus, enhance campus networks, and learn about the city of Lowell.
The Launch@UML program features a yearlong series of networking events for new faculty aimed at introducing them to resources and opportunities within and beyond UMass Lowell (UML).
For more information on the program and follow the regularly scheduled events, visit the Launch@UML website.

New Faculty Toolkit

This annual event is scheduled prior to the fall semester and it’s designed to get new faculty up and running for the first day! The agenda includes information for most technology tools on campus; lecture capture, Zoom, Blackboard, and SIS (to name a few). Information is also provided from Academic Affairs, the Registrar’s Office, and Information Technology. Most importantly, faculty are able to meet colleagues, administration, and staff from across campus. We know it’s important to put a name to the face, especially when you need assistance!
  • Community
  • Adjunct Orientation
  • TA Training