CELT Content Curators

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is seeking website content curators to research and compile digital information such as articles, images, samples and/or videos for inclusion in our online resource library. We plan to build our library with additions each semester.

Our ideal curators, experts among peers, will provide and curate content with support from the CELT team. Passion and enthusiasm for useful, practical pedagogical content and an ability to complete their collection on an established deadline are required. Faculty curators will be acknowledged on the website as contributors and will receive a $200 stipend for their contribution.

Responsibilities, Compensation
  • Meet with the CELT team for preliminary planning & consultation
  • Curate and source (with text, audio, podcasts, video, samples for classroom use, etc.) a limited collection of resources on the identified topic, providing personal recommendations, suggestions, and guidance to users to be uploaded to the CELT website
  • Verify quality, accuracy, and relevance of sourced materials
  • Ensure that content meets institutional guidelines and standard (with support from the CELT team)

Please check out the online CELT Content Curators application to see our first set of topics and to express your interest in being a CELT Content Curator! If you have questions, email: CELT@uml.edu.

CELT Workshop Developers

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is seeking applications from faculty members to develop and deliver workshops to be added to our educational library of learning and teaching excellence.

  • Design and deliver workshop(s) on a topic of learning and teaching excellence, complete with audience learning outcomes. Delivery can be in-person and/or virtual
  • Record workshop to be uploaded to the CELT website’s education library
  • Verify accuracy and relevance of materials to the topic of choice
  • Ensure content meets institutional guidelines and standards
  • Stipend of $300 per 1-hour workshop. Teams are welcome; the stipend will be divided among the presenters.
  • If you have an idea for a longer-format workshop, or a workshop series, email: CELT@uml.edu.

Please fill out the online CELT Workshop Developers application form to suggest a workshop topic or email: CELT@uml.edu to brainstorm and consult on workshop ideas.

Note: Faculty who offer workshops may use them as the starting point for a curated collection - ask us how!