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Bachelor of Liberal Arts - Writing Concentration

BLA Concentration in Writing

The BLA concentration in Writing enables students to develop skills in Journalism and Professional Writing (JPW) and/or Creative Writing (CW). Students take foundation courses in either or both of these writing areas in preparation for upper-level courses. The BLA Concentration in Literature prepares students for graduate studies and careers in teaching, law, journalism, the editing and publishing industries, professional and technical writing, advertising and public relations, and work with a range of cultural organizations including theatres, libraries, museums, and non-profit organizations.

Required Courses

A minimum of 6 courses in Writing.

  • ENGL.2380 Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL.2390 Intro to Professional Writing
  • 3 Writing or Literature courses at the 3000 level
  • 1 Writing or Literature course at any level

Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a complete list of Writing courses.