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Bachelor of Liberal Arts - Architectural Studies Concentration

BLA Concentration in Architectural Studies

The BLA concentration in Architectural Studies consists of a set of interdisciplinary courses that allow students to develop skills and engage with issues related to the built environment. The range of courses in the concentration span artistic, cultural, environmental and technological areas of study related to careers and graduate study in architecture, urban planning, historic preservation/conservation, and landscape architecture. The concentration is ideally paired with concentrations in Sociology, Studio Art, Disability Studies, Environment and Society, or Public Health.

Required Courses

The concentration requires a minimum of 6 courses in Architectural Studies broken in to the following groups:

  • A minimum of two courses in architectural history, at least one at the 3000 level from the following list:
  • Four additional elective courses, at least two at the 3000 level or above.

Please refer to course listing in undergraduate catalog for a complete list of Architectural Studies courses.