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Sports Engineering Minor

Sports Engineering Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Sports Engineering is primarily designed for students majoring in one of the university engineering fields. Students from other colleges can take the Sports Engineering minor but will have to take additional courses to satisfy prerequisites. The field of sports engineering is the technical application of math and physics to solve sporting problems, which might include designing equipment, building facilities, analyzing athlete performance, developing test standards, and ensuring compliance with safety requirements. The Sports Engineering minor will provide an opportunity for engineering students to complement their engineering major education by immersing them in a set of well-connected classes that will cover the technical and societal aspects for a career in sports.

The Sports Engineering minor consists of 24 credits.

Required Courses (12 credits)

Electives (12 credits)

Three of the elective courses (9 credits) need to be from one of the six focus areas and at least one of those three courses needs to be at 4000 level or above. The remaining elective course can be any remaining course within the minor.

1Sports focused project is required.

For more information, contact Patrick Drane, program coordinator.