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MECH.3810 Fluid Mechanics (Formerly 22.381)

Id: 003824 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


A calculus-based course that explores the properties of fluids in various states and their reaction to forces acting on them in the context of practical engineering systems. Topics include: fluid behavior and fluid properties; hydrostatic pressure and forces; buoyancy and stability; conservation of mass, momentum, and energy; control volumes and system representations; dimensional analysis and similitude; scale analysis and modeling; internal and external flows; laminar and turbulent flows; fluid flow in pipes and ducts; friction, major losses, and minor losses; boundary layer characteristics, drag, and lift.


MATH.2310 Calculus III, and MATH.2360 Eng Differential Equations, or MATH.2340 Differential Equations, and ENGN.2070 Dynamics with a C- or better, or Spring 2020 grade of "P", and Co-req or Pre-req: MECH.2420 Thermodynamics.

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