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Biomedical Engineering Major


The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering. This degree incorporates coursework traditionally affiliated with the medical field (biology, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics) and business (economics, statistics, entrepreneurship) while maintaining the rigors of a traditional engineering program (statics, dynamics, circuit design, etc.). During senior year, students participate in a two-semester capstone research project. To gain work experience before graduation, students are encouraged to participate in an internship and/or the professional co-op program. 

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The department offers undergraduate students the opportunity to continue their studies in a combined BSE/MSE program. Students with at least a 3.000 cumulative g.p.a. are eligible to apply to the master’s program through a streamlined admissions process. 

For additional information about programs, contact the Department of Biomedical Engineering.