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Marketing Minor

Marketing Minor

The Marketing Minor is intended to introduce students to the primary concepts and tools necessary to solve problems and address the marketing concerns of a company. Successful completion of this minor will allow the student to matriculate into the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in marketing. Students with a variety of majors combined with the minor in marketing will have a great foundation for a career in marketing. Majors in engineering, statistics, or economics may especially find the minor in marketing appealing. Students graduating with the Marketing Minor will be able to work in a wide range of areas including marketing research, public relations, product management, online marketing, sales, and promotions. Furthermore, graduates may choose to further their education in marketing with the MBA.

The requirements for minors are established by university departments, in this case the Marketing Department, or by interdisciplinary committees. A minor in Marketing consists of 18 credits. A student must be in good academic standing to be admitted into the minor.

Required Courses

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