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Professional Science Master's Programs

Professional Science Master's (PSM)

All of our Professional Science Master's (PSM) programs are no longer accepting applications.

What differentiates the PSM from the core Master's degree?

The Professional Science Master's (PSM) is an innovative, non-thesis degree option designed for students to pursue advanced training in science, health or engineering while simultaneously developing professional leadership skills highly valued by employers. PSM programs typically consist of 8 core courses in science, health or engineering, three professional courses in leadership, communication and project management, a paid internship or professional development project and a reflective seminar. PSM programs have been developed in concert with industry in response to employer demands for specific skills and knowledge above and beyond the core science curriculum. 

In contrast to typical master’s degrees, which require a thesis as a step toward preparation for an academic career, PSM programs are designed as terminal degrees that prepare candidates to compete in the global market. In essence, PSM programs are the MBAs of the 21st century. The National PSM Association offers networking and professional workshops to promote continued career development for PSM alumni across the country. 

What PSM programs are available at UMass Lowell?

Graduates earn a master’s degree in science with a PSM Option in the fields indicated below.

Chemistry - not accepting new applications

  • Chemistry and Polymer Science 
  • Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

For more information regarding PSM programs at UMass Lowell contact William Smith.

Students should consult with faculty advisers to determine best course choice for their career advancement needs. All PSM students should include at least 1 course (basic or enhanced) that incorporates communication into their curriculum.

Updated 2/22/23