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Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal Policies

Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from the University 

Withdrawal-from-a-CourseWithdrawal from a Course

A student finding it necessary to withdraw from a course must do so within the time specified in the graduate academic calendar ( The student's permanent record will indicate a grade of W for the course(s) from which he or she has withdrawn unless the withdrawal has taken place within the first 10 class days of the semester during which time no record will be kept. (See Dropping Classes and Refund Policy in this Catalog for information on dropping a course.) 

Withdrawal-from-the-UniversityWithdrawal from the University 

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University must submit his/her request in writing to the Registrar's Office. This procedure ensures that the student's academic and financial obligations are cleared before leaving the University. If a student officially withdraws from the University by the withdrawal date indicated in the graduate academic calendar, the permanent record will indicate a grade of W. If the student fails to follow the official withdrawal procedure and does not withdraw in good standing, the student will not be permitted readmission to a graduate program at the University except under extenuating circumstances. 

Withdrawal from courses may have implications for degree progress, veteran’s benefits, health insurance, financial aid, and immigration status. Students are advised to consult their academic advisor as well as officials in appropriate offices prior to withdrawing from class. Instructors are required to submit a last known date of attendance or academic activity for students who receive a grade of For other non-passing grades. Students who cease attending without officially withdrawing may affect their Financial Aid.

All previous application materials will remain on file for a two year period. At any time during this period, a student who has officially withdrawn may request readmission by completing and submitting only the cover page of the graduate application and paying the application fee. After two years, a student must file a new, complete application and submit the appropriate fee to the Graduate Admissions Office ( in order to be readmitted.