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Master's in Industrial & Economic Security

Master of Arts

Industrial and Economic Security

Students pursuing this area of concentration will focus their studies and research on topics related to the private sector, including energy security, computer network and facility security, and the defense industry. Courses will also examine global trafficking, economic crime, and the policies and legal frameworks for combating these threats.

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Core Courses

  • Contemporary Security Studies (CRIM.5750
  • Intelligence Analysis: Policy and Practice (CRIM.5780
  • Scientific and Technological Dimensions of National Security (CRIM.6680
  • Research Design (CRIM.5910
  • Security Studies Capstone Research Paper (CRIM.6990

Electives (Choose 5 from the Following)

Other graduate-level electives taken at UMass Lowell or at other campuses of the University of Massachusetts may also count toward the 5 electives, based on approval of the Program Director and Graduate Faculty Group.

(*) indicates permission required from the Manning School of Business faculty.

More information about this program is available from the Office of Graduate Admissions.