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Degree Pathway, Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering

Degree Pathway for the Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering

Students must satisfy the following doctoral core requirement:
Core Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
BMEN.5020Fundamentals of Biomaterials3
BMEN.5210Quantitative Physiology3
XXXX.XXXXAdvanced Mathematics Elective3
BMEN.5900BME Doctoral Seminar0

Four (4) courses from one of the following tracks. See tracks below.
The remaining three required course credits can be selected in conjunction with the research advisor to add breadth to the program. This course can be an appropriate engineering, math, or science course.
Course #Course nameCredits

Dissertation Research 

Course #Course nameCredits
BMEN.7590Doctoral Dissertation/Biomedical Engineering21


Choose one track: Biomechanics, Medical Device Design or Cellular & Tissue.
Courses for the Biomechanics Track (choose 4)
Course #Course NameCr.
BMEN.5300Ergonomics and Work3
BMEN.5310Occupational Biomechanics3
BMEN.5315Biomechanics II3
BMEN.5320Biofluid Mechanics3
BMEN.5350Respiratory Dynamics and Devices3
BMEN.5380Computational Biomechanics3
BMEN.5390Computer Aided Design for Biomedical Engineering3
BMEN.6390Research Models in Biomechanics3

Courses for the Medical Device Design Track (choose 4)
Course #Course NameCr.
BMEN.5030Medical Device Development3
BMEN.5035Advanced Medical Device Development3
BMEN.5020Medical Device Development Regulation3
BMEN.5350Respiratory Dynamics and Devices3
BMEN.5390Computer Aided Design for Biomedical Engineering3
BMEN.5410Biomedical Optics3
BMEN.6090Research Methods in Medical Device Design3

Courses for the Cellular & Tissue Track (choose 4)
Course #Course NameCr.
PLAS.5020Fundamentals of Medical Device Regulation3
BMEN.5110Tissue Engineering3
BMEN.5115Advanced Tissue Engineering3
BMEN.5120LCell and Tissue Engineering Lab3
BMEN.5130Neural Engineering3
BMEN.5610Drug Delivery3
BMEN.6190Research Methods in Cellular & Tissue Engineering3

Total Credits = 63