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Parts and Bike Sales

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The Bike Shop sells retail parts, new and used bikes.

Parts Sales

We keep many parts in stock for your convenience and prices are competitive so come check us out if you need anything. We have parts for many types of bikes including: Road, Mountain, Single-Speed, Cruiser, Hybrid, and BMX bikes. Below is a list of current items and prices. Looking for a specific part? We can custom order just about anything at a reasonable price.

Inner Tubes$6-8
Head and Tail Lights$12-22
Air Pumps (Floor or Mini)$10-30
Locks (Cable or U Locks)$18-45
Kick Stands$12
Bottle Holders$5.75
Gel Seat Covers$20-25
Pedal Sets$10

New Bike Sales Program

The UMass Lowell Bike Shop is a dealer of Fuji, SE and Breezer bicycles. Through a partnership called Fuji University, UMass Lowell students, faculty and staff are eligible to receive discount of 15% off MSRP on most models of Fuji, SE and Breezer bikes. Visit the websites below to view the current selection of bikes. When you know what you want, come in and get sized up. Don't know what to get? Come talk with us and we can help you get the bike that fits you best! Due to limited shop space we generally don't have any bikes in stock to try out, however shipping times are only usually between 3-5 business days.

Used Bike Sales

We also sell used bicycles. Most of the used bicycles we re-sell were recovered by the city, university or donated by patrons. We take these bikes and give them a full assessment and tune-up. Generally these bikes receive new cables, brake pads, chains, and tubes. Other parts such as tires, grips, seats, cranks, and freewheel/cassettes may be replaced as needed. Used bikes are guaranteed up to 30 days of the purchase date.

We set the price of used bikes based on the quality of the bike and the amount of parts/labor required to refurbish it. Bikes are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. Prices range from $75 -$350. Revenue from bike sales goes back into our bike programs.

Our supply of bikes that are for sale changes frequently. Bikes sell very quickly at the start of the school year and in the Spring. We usually have our largest quantity available in the winter. Bikes that are for sale are displayed in the Atrium of the Campus Recreation Center. Check there, or contact us at: 978-934-6797 to find out more about our current availability.