Services Overview

Remember, keeping your bike clean and adjusted properly will help it last longer and perform optimally!

Every tune-up or service starts with a FREE Assessment.

  • Standard Bicycle Tune-Ups - Tune-ups are recommended every semester or 500-700 miles. 
  • Annual Tune-Up - For those who ride in the winter, an annual tune-up is important to manage and remove the, salt, grime, and moisture can cause rust to build up throughout your bike.
  • Complete Overhaul - If you haven’t serviced your bicycle for a very long time or want that new bike feel, a complete overhaul of your bike will get it running it’s absolute best!
  • Do It Yourself Stand Time - The UMass Lowell Bike Shop is unique in that we offer an educational Do It Yourself Stand time option of those who want to learn to work on their own bike and save some money.
  • Common Individual Services - We also offer common individual services which may be separate or added on to tune-ups. 

Labor is 20% off with valid UMass Lowell (UML) ID. Additional charges apply for tandems, tricycles, recumbent bikes, bikes with hydraulic brakes and installing customer supplied parts and accessories. We do not currently service high end suspension components, electronic shifting, or e-bike drive train components.

Turn-around times for services varies based on the season. Waits are typically longer in April, May & September. Flat tires can usually be fixed in about a half hour. Small repairs and tune-ups can typically be completed within a day. Major repairs or specific parts replacement generally takes multiple days. We will let you know the expected wait time when you bring your bike into the shop.

For questions please contact us at 978-934-6797 or email:


standard-tune-upStandard Tune-up

Cost: $90 Public / $72 UML

  • Assessment
  • Wipe down the bike
  • True both wheels
  • Align and tighten seat, seat post, crank arms, pedals, headset, stem, handlebars, and wheels
  • Clean and Lube Drive Train: Crankset, Cassette, and Chain on the bike
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust shifting
  • Inflate tries
  • Test ride

Annual-Tune-upAnnual Tune-up

Cost: $135 Public / $108 UML

  • All Standard Tune-Up items plus:
    • Remove and clean drive train: crankset, cassette and chain
    • Clean frame, wheels, brake and shift components while on bike
    • Adjust bearings: headset, bottom bracket, hubs in both wheels
    • Install any parts purchased from us free of charge

Complete-OverhaulComplete Overhaul

Cost: $215 Public / $172 UML

  • All Annual Tune-Up items plus:
    • Remove, clean, lube and reinstall all components and bearings: headset, bottom bracket, hubs in both wheels
    • Clean and polish frame
    • Install all new cables and housing
    • Install any parts purchased from us free of charge
Do It Yourself Stand Time

DIY-Stand-TimeDo It Yourself Stand Time

Cost: $11/hour Public / FREE UML

We offer free do it yourself stand time during our open hours. DIY stand time is a great way to gain hands on mechanical experience on your bike when you need it as well as save some money on repairs.  Bike shop staff will help you perform an initial assessment and help you get oriented to the shop. They are present for occasional consultation and limited basic instruction. In the event that you need a bike shop mechanic to do the work or give you their attention though the entire repair we will charge the normal labor rate for that service. We are happy to teach and we also need to maintain a functional and efficient bike shop.

Please review our DIY Policies before using the shop.

Individual-ServicesIndividual Services

20% Off with UML ID

CategoryIndividual ServicesList Price
General LaborAssessment$0
General LaborGeneral Labor: 15 Minutes$10
General LaborGeneral Labor: 30 Minutes$20
General LaborGeneral Labor: 45 Minutes$30
General LaborGeneral Labor: 60 Minutes$35
General LaborTest Ride$0
Tune UpTune Up - Standard$90
Tune UpTune-Up - Annual$135
Tune UpTune-Up - Complete Overhaul$215
Bottom BracketBottom Bracket Adjust$15
Bottom BracketBottom Bracket Install$22
Bottom BracketBottom Bracket Overhaul$30
BrakesBrake Adjust$15
BrakesBrake Bleed$30
BrakesBrake Cable/Housing Install + Brake Adjust$22
BrakesBrake Lever Install + Brake Adjust$22
BrakesBrake Pad Install + Brake Adjust$22
BrakesCoaster Brake Adjust$30
DrivetrainChain Install$7
DrivetrainDerailleur/Shifter Install + Shift Adjust$22
DrivetrainDrive Train Clean (On Bike)$30
DrivetrainDrive Train Clean (Removed & Reinstalled)$44
DrivetrainPedal Install$7
DrivetrainShift Adjust$15
DrivetrainShift Cable/Housing Install + Shift Adjust$22
Headset & HandlebarsBar Tape Install$22
Headset & HandlebarsGrip Install$7
Headset & HandlebarsHeadset Adjust$7
Headset & HandlebarsHeadset Overhaul$30
Open Stand TimeOpen Stand Time Public 1 Hour$11
Open Stand TimeOpen Stand Time UML$0
Wheels and TiresCassette/Freewheel Install$15
Wheels and TiresFlat Fix / Tire Install$11
Wheels and TiresHub Adjust - Front Wheel$15
Wheels and TiresHub Adjust - Rear Wheel$22
Wheels and TiresHub Overhaul - Front Wheel$30
Wheels and TiresHub Overhaul - Rear Wheel$44
Wheels and TiresSpoke Replace - Front Wheel, First spoke$30
Wheels and TiresSpoke Replace - Rear Wheel, First spoke$44
Wheels and TiresSpoke Replace (additional spokes ea.)$7
Wheels and TiresWheel True$22
MiscellaneousBicycle Storage Monthly$35
MiscellaneousBike Build$118
MiscellaneousBike Shipping (US Destinations Only)Varies
MiscellaneousBike Shipping Prepare$70
MiscellaneousInstall Customer Supplied Parts (Each)$11
MiscellaneousMinimum Service Fee$11
MiscellaneousOdd Size Fee - Tricycle, Recumbent, Tandem, Other$20