We are always looking for used bikes! Especially during the winter months (but we're happy to take them all year!). If you live within a half an hour drive, send us a picture of the bike and we'll come pick it up! If you have a bike that you would like to donate to support our bike program, please contact Freewheelers@uml.edu at 978-934-6797 or bring it by the shop any time!

We often have students come to campus looking for affordable used bikes. We get the used bikes rolling again and sell them at our shop. Proceeds from used bike sales go to support increasing access to bicycling on campus through our bike program! 

Looking to upgrade? Donate an old bike and get a 20% off coupon for a new one, parts and accessories or service visit!  

We discourage the donation of department store bikes or children's bikes as we have a difficult time reselling these.