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Core Course Approval & Student Learning Assessment

Core Course Approval and Student Learning Assessment

The Core Curriculum Committee of the Faculty Senate is charged with responsibility for reviewing new interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary courses for inclusion as fulfilling Breadth of Knowledge requirements, and reviewing courses for requested ELO designation.

The committee is also charged with the periodic review of approved syllabi to ensure that outcomes continue to be addressed. The Core Curriculum committee is charged with selecting methods of formative and summative assessment, and participates in the assessment process, including developing recommendations for improving student learning.

To receive an ELO designation, courses should:

  • Provide guidelines that clarify and reinforce the expectations for student learning appropriate to the particular discipline, and note the relevant ELO information on the syllabus.
  • Demonstrate how student learning will be assessed by the instructor.

Faculty may submit courses for ELO approval through Curriculog. Complete instructions for submission are embedded within the Curriculog form.

Any request for an exception related to a Core requirement must be submitted on the Student Exception Form. A department chair or coordinator must sign the form prior to being forwarded to The Core Curriculum coordinator must give final approval for Core-related exceptions. Students should work with an advisor to complete this form.