Students Trained in Asian American Resource Support

Group of students smiling over table

The STAARS Cohort is a mentoring program and a product of AACEE's initiative to build a stronger sense of community and belonging by connecting first-year (both freshman and transfer) students to a peer mentor that has experience and knowledge of the university. 

STAARS Mentees (first-years) are paired with mentors based on similarity of interests, academic paths, and intersecting identities.

STAARS Mentors (second-year and above) are trained by staff to provide mentees with access to AACEE programming and connect them to resources across UMass Lowell

Student Coordinators are student employees that work with staff to develop programming for STAARS Mentors and Mentees to support them in Financial Literacy, Career Readiness, and Mental Health and Wellness.

Benefits to Participating

In addition to the mentorship program, AACEE provides numerous programs and services, such as:
  • Creating a streamlined experience for transfer students
  • Preparing scholarship applications
  • Raising awareness of stress reduction techniques and healthy decision-making
  • Connecting to local and national community civic leaders
  • Building robust networks among UML's Asian American alumni and current students

Become a Mentor or Mentee

AACEE is launching its inaugural Student Success Cohort in the 2023-2024 academic year. Join us for fun events, culturally relevant programming, and cohort enrichment. Apply to the Asian American Student Success Cohort today!

Application link!