The Sister Clubs are the Asian American identifying clubs on campus that Asian American Center for Excellence & Engagement (AACEE) works with to promote cultural and identity empowerment and community building.

CASA letters in black with 3 lines below it and 3 parapets above.

Cambodian American Student Association (CASA)

The Cambodian American Student Association's mission is to promote, educate, and celebrate Khmer/Cambodian culture, language, & history to the community within UMass Lowell, to the communities within the City of Lowell, and communities outside of the city. Also, the organization hopes to encourage open forums for discussion of Cambodia's arts, history, and people. Additionally, members will strive extensively to integrate their knowledge of Cambodia within the western culture while seeking to further understand the roots of their ancestors. Not only is CASA a proud UMass Lowell (UML) representative on-campus, CASA acts as a student representative to the Khmer Community in Lowell, Mass.; the second largest Cambodian-American population demographic within the entire nation. CASA's mission is to spread knowledge and awareness, advocate Cambodian culture and empowerment, and provide a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for students to actively contribute to the UMass Lowell campus community and the community-at-large.

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Logo: JSA (Japanese Student Association) white letters made by brush strokes, background: a splash of tan and black paint with a Torii

Japanese Student Association (JSA)

The purpose of JSA is to share the Japanese culture with students who are interested or would like to learn about the Japanese lifestyle. The club is to give university students the opportunity to interact with others who have similar interests and those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, the opportunity to experience it.

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KSA (black text: Korean(left) Student(bottom) Association(right)); background circular cut out of korean flag with a Mugunghwa cut out center

Korean Student Association (KSA)

The purpose of the Korean Student Association is to share the Korean culture to the people on campus, expose the Korean culture through entertainment and educational meetings, and to provide a sense of unity with the students, faculty, and local community. Under no circumstances will anyone be excluded from participation in activities sponsored by the Korean Student Association for reasons of nationality, race, color, sex, and age, religious or political beliefs.

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SACA (Student Association of Chinese Americans) in white Letters, Background: Black Bamboo Circle Around a Panda with a Green Glow

Student Association of Chinese Americans (SACA)

UML’s Student Association for Chinese Americans, or SACA, is dedicated to sharing and exploring Chinese culture. During meetings we’ll play games such as “Catch the Dragon” or more classic ones like mahjong while meeting new friends. Throughout the year, SACA  also celebrates Chinese holidays such as Lunar New Year! In collaboration with our sister clubs, SACA hosts events promoting Asian heritage including a taste of Asian street food in the annual Night Market. We’re excited to welcome students of all backgrounds, and to represent Asian heritage. 欢迎 [huānyíng]!

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South Asian Student Association in black text with the letters SACA below, Left & right: ZZ plant colored in South Asian Flag scheme

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

We, the members of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) at UML, establish this constitution to spread awareness of South Asian cultures and unite students of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, and Nepalese heritage. Our club aims to provide opportunities for cultural exploration, celebrate South Asian heritage, and foster understanding of each country's unique lifestyle. Through events, meetings, and educational initiatives, SASA strives to create a sense of community and promote cultural diversity within the university.

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A mango with A leaf With white text cut out of "TFC" (The Filipino Club)

The Filipino Club (TFC)

The purpose of The Filipino Club (TFC) is to introduce and share the Filipino culture to the students of UMass Lowell. Since our establishment in Spring 2017, TFC strives to unite and address our Filipino community and create an inclusive environment while promoting community and leadership.

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In All red, Top Curved: UMass Lowell letters, bottom Curved: Vietnamese Student Association, middle: a lotus flower

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

The Vietnamese Student Association is a cultural club on campus that provides a welcoming and inclusive space for students to connect and celebrate Vietnamese heritage, and explore the rich traditions, language, and history of Vietnam. Through a variety of educational, and social activities, the association promotes cultural understanding and empowers members to embrace their identities while connecting with other students on campus. In addition to this, VSA helps promote collaborative Sister Club events on campus like Night Market and Asian Night. VSA also puts on their own event called Tet to celebrate the Lunar New Year with traditional lion dancing, a fashion show, and other cultural dances. Overall, the Vietnamese Student Association is a vibrant and inclusive organization that enriches student experiences through the celebration of Vietnamese culture.

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