Throughout the year, AACEE will be hosting various programs and events to build community, raise awareness around mental health and wellness, engage in career planning and alumni participation, learn about civic engagement and financial literacy.

Upcoming Events

  • Aug. 9th (Tues.): Where Will you Fit? Identity and Finding your Community! 
  • Sept. 3rd (Sat.): Swag your Bag! Asian American Student Success Cohort Welcome 
  • Sept. 6th (Tues.): AAPI Men’s Group: Social Wellness 
  • Sept. 15th (Thurs.): AACEE IG Reel Scavenger Hunt 
  • Sept. 20th (Tues.): AAPI Men’s Group: Validation and Affirmations 
  • Sept. 29th (Wed): Wellness in AAPI Lives: Mental Health Workshop 
  • Oct. 1st (Sat.): Alumni Spotlight 
  • Oct. 4th (Tues.): Men’s Group: Advocating for Yourself and Others 
  • Oct. 18th (Tues.): Civic Engagement Workshop 
  • Oct. 25th (Tues.): Men’s Group: AAPI Masculinity vs. Western Masculinity 
  • Oct. 28th (Tues.): Alumni Speed Networking 
  • Nov. 14th (Tues.): Alumni Career Panel: Meet Alumni in your Career Path 
  • Nov. 21st (Mon.): Fall Arts and Crafts 
  • Nov. 29th (Tues.): Men’s Group: End of the Year Debrief 
  • Dec. 5th (Mon.): Fall Semester Success: End of year Celebration