Parking Policy for Faculty and Staff

UMass Lowell continues to grow in size and reputation, and managing parking inventory is essential in maintaining a fair and equitable system is critical.

The university's Parking Committee, comprised of representatives from a cross-section of campus, carefully considered and adopted a number of policy change recommendations for the 2020-2021 academic year.

SUMMARYSummary of Policy Changes

COVID-19 policy changes effective December 11, 2020 for the spring 2021 are as follows: all fall policies will be implemented for the spring. Notice that these policies are subject to change as the campus formalizes its reopening plans and if new health guidance becomes available:

For the 2020-2021 Academic Year:

  • Decals must be ordered online. Decals will not be available in-office.
    • Any benefited staff member that received a decal in fall semester will not need to order a decal for the spring semester.  Any non-benefited staff or retired faculty/staff member will need to reorder a spring decal since the hang tags provided expire on December 31, 2020.
    • All decals will be mailed via USPS to the address selected during ordering. Decals will not be sent via interoffice mail to departments.
  • Faculty/staff parking permits for the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semester will be provided at no cost through 5/31/21, and are subject for review after that time.
  • North: There are no changes to the parking lot assignments on North Campus.
  • South: There are no changes to the parking lot assignments on South Campus.
  • East: The new Merrimack Lot located next to the newly opened Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) Center will be opened. This lot will be a hybrid preferred parking lot and general faculty/staff lot with an entrance gate located off of Merrimack Street, with exit gates onto Merrimack Street and onto Moody Street.


Parking Rates for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

  • Cabinet Parking - TBD (2019-2020 was $1400 / year)*
  • University Crossing Preferred - TBD (2019-2020 was $700 / year)*
  • Wannalancit Preferred East Courtyard - TBD (2019-2020 was $700 /year)*
  • GPS Center Preferred - TBD (2019-2020 was $700 / year)*
  • Wannalancit Preferred Tremont - TBD (2019-2020 was $600 / year)*
  • Department Chairs - $400 / year*
  • Benefited Faculty / Staff - $400 / year*
  • Non-Benefited Staff - $175 / year*
  • Adjunct Faculty - $60 / semester (fall 2020) and $65 / semester (spring 2021)*

*Benefited employees and adjunct faculty are required to enroll in a pre-tax payroll deduction. This is deducted each pay period that the faculty / staff member is paid. For fall 2020 (9/1/20 - 12/31/20) rates will be adjusted per collective bargaining negotiations.

Useful Parking Information

For more information parking, visit the websites linked below:

Download the Parking Spaces app and RoadsterRoutes app. Or view it on the NOW Student Dashboard.

Any questions regarding the parking policy can be directed to: