All members of UMass Lowell must obtain a parking permit, even if bringing a temporary, loaner or rental vehicle onto campus. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure this is obtained prior to arriving on campus to avoid being issued a parking citation.

Daily permits are available for purchase if an annual decal has not been purchased. Please note the following rules and regulations for daily parking permits:

  1. If you have not purchased an annual parking decal, you may purchase a day pass for $8 per day. Purchased permits are non-refundable. Those that have purchased an annual parking decal are allotted ten (10) business days of temporary passes at no charge to allow for loaner/rental vehicles.
  2. Daily parking permits only allow parking in lots you are eligible for, based on various criteria such as: faculty, staff, residential student or commuter student; academic class year; campus of major or residence. A full list of where you can park can be found on the Parking Locations webpage.
  3. Daily parking permits must be printed and placed on your dashboard on the day it is valid.
  4. Daily parking permits can only be ordered for yourself and cannot be transferred. Temporary permits can only be ordered for vehicles owned/leased/rented by the requester or someone from the same household. Ordering of temporary passes for vehicles belonging to another student, faculty or staff member is strictly prohibited and may result in the denial of access to ordering future daily parking permits.
  5. Temporary permits cannot be ordered for guests or visitors. For more information about visitor parking please visit the visitor parking website.
  6. Parking permits are not required on weekends and days in which the University is closed. Additionally, parking permits are not required if parking in commuter surface lots after 3 p.m. and during winter/summer semesters.

Obtaining a Temporary Pass


The online ordering system allows you to order a temporary pass only valid for one day from the comfort of your home, office or residence hall. We suggest that you utilize this for emergency situations or if you will be arriving to campus before our office is open.

  1. Log onto the temporary parking pass ordering website with your UMass Lowell e-mail credentials.
  2. Enter the required vehicle information from your vehicle registration. Rental vehicles have most information on the key tag.
  3. Submit your request and print the pass which must be displayed on your dashboard.

At the Office

If you need a longer term accommodation for parking, such as your primary vehicle being serviced, we recommend you visit our office to get a temporary hang tag. Please bring your vehicle registration if you have not previously registered the vehicle with our office.

UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) University Crossing Suite 190, 220 Pawtucket Street, Lowell, MA 01854-5137.