Kennedy College of Sciences

Advisory Board

 Alumni Members

barryJames J. Barry, Ph.D., Board Chair, Emeritus, Chemistry '88 (Ph.D.), Arsenal Medical, Executive Vice President & COO black_opt1James H. Black, Ph.D., Biology ’77, Account Manager, OSISOFT, LLC
garlick_opt1Russell K. Garlick, Ph.D., Biology ’76, SeraCare, Chief Scientific Officer Isabelle_opt1Warren J. Isabelle, Chemistry ’78, Principal and Managing Member Ironwood Investment Management, LLC
Kennedy_opt1John F. Kennedy, Board Chair, Emeritus, Mathematics '70, President and CFO Nova Ventures, Retired LaTorre_opt1L. Donald LaTorre, Textile Chemistry '60, Board Chair, Emeritus, President L&G Management Consultants
Morin_opt1Michael J. Morin, Ph.D., Biology ’76 Board Chair, Emeritus, Independent Consultant, Oncovia Therapeutics PCiaraldiPeter Ciaraldi, Computer Science ‘84, Consultant and Entrepreneur
New Component   Susan J. Pasquale, Ph.D., Music '75, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Johnson & Wales University EricEric J. Helliwell, Computer Science '88, Consultant and Trainer, Scalable Designs
PaulBessette-opt2Paul Bessette, Chemistry '73, President, TriboScience & Engineering, Inc. Douglas-Williams_optDouglas E. Williams, Ph.D., Biology '80, Executive VP of Research and Development, Biogen Idec
William G.Rhodes IIIWilliam G. Rhodes III, Radiological Sciences '82, Senior Manager, International Security Systems Group  E BrackettElizabeth Brackett, Radiological Sciences '84, Senior Health Physicist, MJW Corporation  

 Emeritus Science Board Members

  • Robert Tamarin, Dean Emeritus, College of Sciences
  • Martin Schedlbauer, Computer Science, '88, '91, '06
  • Thomas A. Lumenello, Physics '64, '70
  • John Copeland, Radiological Sciences '86, '89, Biology '86, Physics '89 
  • Harold E. Charnley, Mathematics '81
  • Russel K. Garlick, Biology '76, Sera Cure, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Gary S. Miliefsky, Computer Science '90 
  • Steven Masciulli, Physics '75
  • Douglas T. Tamasanis, Radiological Sciences '82, '84, 90, Systems Engineering '85
  • Mary Richardson Bedell, Mathematics '81
  • Michael G. Oivieri, Mathematics '85
  • Carole Ward, Chemistry '62, Board Chair, Emeritus
  • Demetrius P. Rizos, Biology '91
  • Mark Mortensen, Physics ‘73
  • Thomas C. O'Connor, Biology ’77, Board Chair, Emeritus
  • Paul A. Simard, Jr., Economics '73, President

UMass Lowell Members

Mark-HinesMark Hines, Ph.D. Acting Dean, Kennedy College of Sciences Martin-Fred-optFred Martin, Ph.D., Director of Student Success

Stephen Norton, Assistant Dean

Matthew Nugent, PhD, Chair, Department of Biology
Wang-Jie-optJie Wang, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Computer Science Whitten-James-optJames Whitten,Ph.D., Chair, Department of Chemistry
Kenneth Levasseur, Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences Giles-Robert-optRobert Giles, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Physics and Applied Physics
Eby-Nelson-optNelson Eby, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences Gys-Deme-optDeme Gys, Major Gift Officer University Advancement
Fortin_opt1Elizabeth Fortin, Assistant to the Dean of Sciences