Sylvia Isler wearing glasses and a blue collared short smiling at the camera.

Sylvia Isler, Ph.D.

Computer Science ’96

Kennedy College of Sciences Advisory Board


Director of Engineering, Google


  • Bachelors - Computer Science, Hampton University
  • Masters - Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania
  • Doctorate - Computer Science, University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Sylvia Isler was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Over the past three decades, she has worked as an engineer and engineering leader in a variety of technology domains including scientific computing, fintech, networking and cloud computing. She currently serves as an advisor to VC Funds in the NYC Tech Sector.

Her past positions include: at Boston-based MathSoft lead engineer of S-PLUS, the commercial successor to R; at Kiodex (now FIS), lead engineer and VP of Engineering; at EMC| Smarts, Principal Engineer; at Boston-based Turbonomic, SVP of Engineering and at Alphabet-spinoff, Cityblock Health, VP of Engineering.

She is now at Google where she has led an engineering team working on the next-gen Android Platform build system and currently leads a team working on the next-gen Search platform.

Isler earned her Computer Science Bachelors and Masters degrees from Hampton University and University of Pennsylvania, respectively.