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Academic Programs

Many courses related to climate change and sustainability are currently available at UMass Lowell.

Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Faculty engage undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students through a diversity of course offerings, research opportunities, and community engagement. There are two CCI Faculty-led minors whose courses reach both undergraduate and graduate students: Environment and Society and Climate Change and Sustainability. In addition to the academic offerings directly related to CCI minors, CCI faculty also bring environmental sustainability content into their courses that contribute credit towards other majors and minors. Furthermore, one faculty member actively engages non-CCI faculty in the College of FAHSS to retrofit existing courses to explore environmental and climate themes. For these reasons, accurately quantifying the number of students directly or indirectly impacted by the CCI's work is a challenge, although it can be estimated that CCI faculty impact about one-third of UMass Lowell students annually.

In addition to the links below, explore CCI online resources, including curriculum information and modules, research and blog updates.

For the latest course information please visit the UMass Lowell online Academic Catalog.

New Undergraduate Minors

  • Environment and Society (E&S), is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with analytical and communication skills, as well as the scientific knowledge needed to succeed in environmental policy, sustainable development, environmental education, environmental advocacy, and related fields. E & S students explore public policy, climate change, sustainability, resource rights, law and regulation, and the role of environmental issues in domestic and international conflicts. E&S students also engage in environmental research and service projects in collaboration with government agencies, non-profit groups, local businesses, and state and national parks.
  • Climate Change and Sustainability , is an interdisciplinary minor, under the direction of the UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative and housed in the Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department. A student enrolled in this minor will gain an understanding of the basic science behind climate change as well as the social and economic consequences of climate change. Strategies for sustainability and climate adaptation will be addressed. For more information you can contact Lori Weeden (Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)


  • Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics I
  • General Geology
  • Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics II
  • General Geology Lab
  • Air Pollution
  • Global Environmental Policy
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Green Energy Engineering
  • American Environmental History
  • Marketing Principles Human Ecology
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • Introduction to Environmental Economics
  • Introduction to Environmental Politics
  • Climate Change: Science, Communication and Solutions
  • Introduction to LEED
  • Community Health and Environment
  • Life Science I
  • Designing the Future World
  • Life Science II
  • Directed Study in Environmental Policy
  • Managing Innovation
  • Earth and Environmental Systems I
  • Marketing Principles
  • Earth and Environmental Systems II
  • Nutrition and Disease
  • Earth and Environmental Systems Laboratory
  • Physical Climatology
  • Earth History
  • Physical Meteorology
  • Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
  • Physical Properties of Matter
  • Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Principles of Ecology Laboratory
  • Environmental Health Seminar
  • Principles of Environmental Health
  • Environmental Law
  • Socio-Ecological Health Assessment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Conflict, Policy and Practice
  • Environmental Problems Seminar
  • Environmental Science Seminar
  • Thoreau in our Time
  • Environmental Studies Practicum
  • Weather and Climate
  • Earth History
  • Weather and Climate Laboratory
  • Fast Food, Hot Planet


  • Air Pollution Phenomenology
  • Green and Sustainable Civil Engineering
  • Alternate Energy Sources
  • Introduction to Environmental Economics
  • Atmospheric Structure and Dynamics
  • Introduction to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Materials for Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Climate Change: Science, Communication and Solutions
  • Politics and Economics of Public Policy
  • The Climate System
  • Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
  • Introduction to Environmental Health
  • Professional Communication and Health Seminar
  • Comparative Environmental Studies
  • Simple Atmospheric Models
  • Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Solar Engineering Fundamentals
  • Energy and Environment
  • Solar Systems Engineering
  • Energy Engineering Workshop
  • Sustainable Housing Development and Land Use: Policy and Practice
  • Environmental Aquatic Chemistry
  • Sustainable Water Infrastructure
  • Environmental Fate and Transport
  • Teaching General Science and Seminar
  • Environmental Law
  • Teaching Biology and Seminar
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Teaching Earth Science and Seminar
  • Environmental Radiation and Nuclear Site Criteria
  • The Climate System
  • Evolution in Context for Teachers