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Identify and Train a Facilitator

Training Video: Train Facilitator (9:00)

Role of the Facilitator?

The facilitator is key to the success of the HWPP. The Facilitator leads Design Team meetings and helps ensure that the program is making progress. The Facilitator enables the Design Team and Steering Committee to communicate regularly and collaborate productively. 

A good Facilitator must demonstrates impartiality,  communication skills, organization and optimism. A successful Facilitator is willing and able to work with different people from all levels of the organization. Group facilitation skills are essential for setting the right conditions for Design Team success.

A Facilitator may be recruited from among internal employees or hired as a consultant. The time commitment needed is about 10 hours a month.

Use the tools and resources below to implement the HWPP activities.

Tools and Resources

  • These field-tested materials are designed for participants to know the purpose of every meeting, engage with the topics, and leave meetings feeling a sense of accomplishment. The manual provides meeting materials that include Facilitator preparation, annotated Facilitator agenda, and DT handouts.
    • Section I: Getting Ready for Program Start-up
    • Section II: Design Team Start-up
    • Section III: Generate Solutions Using the IDEAS Tool
  • Facilitator Description (pdf)
  • Facilitation Skills Training Videos

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