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Identifying and Training a Program Facilitator

Training Video: Train Facilitator (9:00)

What is a Facilitator?

The facilitator is key to the success of the program. In broad terms, the facilitator runs Design Team meetings and helps ensure that the program is making progress. The facilitator enables the Design Team and Steering Committee to communicate regularly and collaborate productively. A good facilitator must demonstrate the following qualities: impartiality, written and oral communication skills, project management skills, and organizing skills.

A facilitator may be recruited from among internal employees or hired as a consultant. Using a hired consultant may help assure neutrality. However, time will be needed for the consultant to learn the culture and establish relations with key stakeholders in the organization. An internal facilitator will be immediately knowledgeable about how the organization works, but may be perceived as an advocate for either the management or the labor force. 


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