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The Science Behind

The CPH-NEW Difference

The Center for Promotion and Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) researchers from UMass Lowell and the University of Connecticut designed and field tested all of the materials contained in this online tool -- from the program startup materials to the intervention worksheets and guides.

The heart of the program is a 7-step planning tool called IDEAS – Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard. The scorecard approach helps front-line employees develop a comprehensive business case that analyzes costs, benefits, barriers and opportunities for each proposed solution. Worksheets and quick reference guides walk you through each step in the process. Read about the IDEAS tool in the peer reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

An Integrated Approach is the Best Approach

Some companies may have a health & safety program and a wellness program but they are managed separately within the organization. The IDEAS tool walks you through each of the steps to make sure that your programs are unified. Studies show that by integrating your programs, you can better identify the root causes of problems so that effective interventions can be developed.

See the published related studies on the right-hand side including the article:

Workplace Health Protection and Promotion through Participatory Ergonomics: An Integrated Approach. By Henning R, Warren W, Robertson M, Faghri P, Cherniack M. Public Health Rep. 2009; 124 (Suppl 1): 26–35.