The CPH-NEW Difference

Read about the research methods used to develop and apply the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program Toolkit:

Field Tests of a Participatory Ergonomics Toolkit for Total Worker Health. By Nobrega S, Kernan L, Plaku-Alakbarova B, Robertson M, Warren N, Henning R; the CPH-NEW Research Team. Applied Ergonomics. 2017; 60: 366-379.

Participatory Action Research in Corrections: The HITEC 2 Program. By Cherniack M, Dussetschleger J, Dugan A, Farr D, Namazi S, El Ghaziri M, Henning R. Applied Ergonomics. 2016; 53(A): 169-180.

The IDEAS Tool

The heart of the program is a 7-step planning tool called IDEAS – Intervention Design and Analysis Scorecard. The scorecard approach helps front-line employees develop a comprehensive business case that analyzes costs, benefits, barriers and opportunities for each proposed solution. Worksheets and quick reference guides walk you through each step in the process. Read about the IDEAS Tool in these peer-reviewed publications:

Read about the scientific, conceptual framework underlying the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program: