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How your Organization will Benefit

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The Healthy Workplace Participatory Program is a unique tool that helps employers plan, design, implement and evaluate integrated health and safety and wellness programs that promote overall health and well-being. 

Research shows that participatory ergonomics interventions were effective for reducing musculoskeletal symptoms, injuries, workers compensation claims, and lost days from work or sickness absence. Emerging evidence on integrated occupational safety and wellness programs has shown savings on health care and administrative costs in industry, as well as superior program impacts on health outcomes through coordinated safety and health promotion activities. Learn More!

Toolkit Benefits

Using the toolkit materials will help transform your organization to create a culture of health, safety and wellness at all levels. Research shows that this program:

  • Engages employees in setting priorities and developing solutions 
  • Improves organizational culture, communication and collaboration about health, safety, wellness 
  • Integrates ergonomics with health promotion initiatives 
  • Establishes a sustainable process for continuous health/safety improvement 
  • Develops a business case for health and safety interventions, one intervention at a time. 

The centerpiece of the program is the Intervention, Design, and Analysis Scorecard (IDEAS) Tool. The IDEAS tool provides a structured process for intervention planning. It uncovers root causes to poor health and injuries, and leads to more complete solutions. Most importantly, it engages and empowers employees, building confidence in the organization to change unhealthy behaviors and conditions. Read more about the IDEAS tool.