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Radiation Lab Rules and Regulations

These rules are designed to limit unnecessary radiation exposures and contamination of the facilities and equipment and to minimize the consequences of a radiation accident if it should occur.  Copies of these rules will be posted in the appropriate laboratories.

Special Nuclear Material
Swimming Pool Reactor
Van de Graaff Accelerator

General Procedures

Eating, drinking, & smoking Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in laboratory areas where radionuclides in liquid form are being used or stored.
Wash hands Wash hands after handling any radioactive material and before going about any other work.  Always wash before handling any object which goes to the mouth, nose, or eyes. Keep fingernails short and clean.
Pipetting Never pipette anything by mouth.
Protective Clothing Always use rubber or plastic gloves when handling radioactive material. Lab coats should be worn in the laboratory and left in the laboratory.
Confine the activity The spread of radioactive contamination may be minimized by working over lined absorbent material, preferably on a tray.  Radioactive materials that are being transported should be doubly contained.
Spills Notify the Radiation Safety Office of all spills except those of a very minor nature (note: contamination surveys are required to be performed and documented after a minor spill)
Labeling Label radioactive material with your name, date, radionuclide, and quantity of radionuclide.  
Before leaving Before leaving the laboratory, clean up and monitor your work area and yourself.
Disposal of Liquid Radiological Waste Liquid radioactive waste should be stored in plastic bottles if possible. The radionuclide, quantity, and date of disposal must be recorded on the waste container.  Small amounts of nontoxic wastes may be disposed of in the sanitary sewer as directed by the RSO.
Disposal of Solid Radiological Waste Solid radioactive waste must be placed in plastic-lined containers.  The radionuclide, quantity, and date of disposal must be recorded on the waste container.
Sample Analysis Take only prepared samples into the sample analysis area.  No potentially contaminated material is permitted in the RSO counting room
Hoods Hoods or glove boxes must be used when handling stock solutions of radioactive materials specified by the Radiation Safety Committee as being a potential internal safety hazard.